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Peate, Ian - Nursing Practice: Knowledge and Care, ebook

Nursing Practice: Knowledge and Care

Peate, Ian


The second edition of the successful and definitive nursing textbook, Nursing Practice is designed to support the student throughout the entire nursing degree. Structured around the latest Nursing and Midwifery Council Code of Conduct, it explores a range…

Berde, Charles B. - Pain in Children, ebook

Pain in Children

Berde, Charles B.


Pain Management for Children with a Developmental Disability in a Primary Care Setting
Harold (Hal) Siden, Tim F. Oberlander
5. Remote Management of Pediatric Pain
Paula A. Forgeron, Patrick J. McGrath
II.Acute Pain Management
6. Pain Management

Lierow, Diane - Dani's Story: A Journey from Neglect to Love, ebook

Dani's Story: A Journey from Neglect to Love

Lierow, Diane


The story that captivated a nation?how a horribly neglected little girl was rescued by her loving adoptive parents
In July 2005, a six-year-old girl named Danielle was removed from her Florida home after authorities found her living in bug-ridden…

Ratelle, Amy - Animality and Children’s Literature and Film, ebook

Animality and Children’s Literature and Film

Ratelle, Amy


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Amy Ratelle
2. Animal Virtues, Values and Rights
Amy Ratelle
3. Contact Zones, Becoming and the Wild Animal Body
Amy Ratelle
4. Ethics and Edibility
Amy Ratelle
5. Science, Species and Subjectivity
Amy Ratelle
6. Performance and Personhood in Free Willy

Matson, Johnny L. - Clinical Guide to Toilet Training Children, ebook

Clinical Guide to Toilet Training Children

Matson, Johnny L.


Wilder, Ansley C. Hodges
7. Monitoring Progress in Toilet Training
William J. Warzak, Abigail E. Kennedy, Kayzandra Bond
8. Applications of Operant-Based Behavioral Principles to Toilet Training
Hollie V. Wingate, Terry S. Falcomata, Raechal Ferguson

Grahame, Kenneth - The Wind In The Willows, ebook

The Wind In The Willows

Grahame, Kenneth


Wind in the Willows is one of the most celebrated works of classic literature for children, and follows Mole, Rat, Toad and Badger from one adventure to the next - in gipsy caravans, stolen sports cars, to prison and back to the Wild

Stevenson, Robert Louis - Kidnapped, ebook


Stevenson, Robert Louis


A fantastic adventure story enjoyed by children around the world for well over a century. Written by the author of Treasure Island, Robert Louis Stevenson, this classic tale is easily summed up by its official original title: Kidnapped: Being Memoirs of the Adventures of David Balfour in

Philbin, Carrie Anne - Adventures In Raspberry Pi, ebook

Adventures In Raspberry Pi

Philbin, Carrie Anne


Written for 11- to 15-year-olds and assuming no prior computing knowledge, this book uses the wildly successful, low-cost, credit-card-sized Raspberry Pi computer to explain fundamental computing concepts. Young people will enjoy going through the book's nine