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Clark, Dan - Microsoft Big Data Solutions, ebook

Microsoft Big Data Solutions

Clark, Dan


Tap the power of Big Data with Microsoft technologies
Big Data is here, and Microsoft's new Big Data platform is a valuable tool to help your company get the very most out

Sedkaoui, Soraya - Data Analytics and Big Data, ebook

Data Analytics and Big Data

Sedkaoui, Soraya


The main purpose of this book is to investigate, explore and describe approaches and methods to facilitate data understanding through analytics solutions based on its principles, concepts and applications. But analyzing data is also about involving the

Monino, Jean-Louis - Big Data, Open Data and Data Development, ebook

Big Data, Open Data and Data Development

Monino, Jean-Louis


The world has become digital and technological advances have multiplied circuits with access to data, their processing and their diffusion. New technologies have now reached a certain maturity. Data are available to everyone, anywhere on the planet.