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Moss, Sam - The Training Cellar, ebook

The Training Cellar

Moss, Sam


Deep in the ground are the dungeons, cellars of torment, where stringent bondage, whips and crops are used. Long hours of darkness and suffering await all who end up there. For the unfortunate women, so-called ‘enemies of the State’, there seems no end to their pain. Gina is one of these,

Towne, Allen - Under The Roman Lash, ebook

Under The Roman Lash

Towne, Allen


Shiri, a highly educated beautiful young lady, is a slave of the Roman conquerors, working on the roads, when she is summoned to her owner's villa to take part in a sadistic competition. She is bound to a cross, alongside another slave, facing two experienced…

Culdrose, Julius - Cheeks, ebook


Culdrose, Julius


He doesn't stop at mere voyeuristic delights though, his interests extend to the use of paddles, whips and canes as well as hands on shapely hindquarters. But his relentless pursuit of submissive women has often led him into trouble and in 'Cheeks' he recounts in vivid

Bradbury, B. A. - Obliged to Bend, ebook

Obliged to Bend

Bradbury, B. A.


A lifelong disciplinarian, James has fiendish plans for his wards - plans that involve his impressive collection of canes, straps, paddles and whips. The staff must also submit to the new master's will, as maids Alice and Rose soon discover to their cost. To help him

Baker, Andrea J. - Online Matchmaking, ebook

Online Matchmaking

Baker, Andrea J.


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Monica T. Whitty
Part 1. Defining Online Matchmaking
2. From the BBS to the Web: Tracing the Spaces of Online Romance
Dànielle Nicole DeVoss
3. Cyborgasms: Ten Years On and Not Enough Learned
Robin Hamman
4. Scripting the Rules for Mars and Venus: Advice Literature

Economou, Nicholas - Australian Politics For Dummies<sup>&#174;</sup>, ebook

Australian Politics For Dummies®

Economou, Nicholas


Decipher political terminology - clear explanations of the houses of parliament, voting systems and more Learn how Australia's political system evolved - how Westminster and Washington were combined to produce ‘Washminster' Appreciate parliamentary roles - what the Whips