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Hazel, C. P. - Whip Hands, ebook

Whip Hands

Hazel, C. P.


A young librarian confronted by her boss because she has allowed a personable young student to borrow books well past their return date. The investigative reporter who finds the tables turned when she unsuccessfully attempts to penetrate the secretive…

Moss, Sam - The Training Cellar, ebook

The Training Cellar

Moss, Sam


Deep in the ground are the dungeons, cellars of torment, where stringent bondage, whips and crops are used. Long hours of darkness and suffering await all who end up there. For the unfortunate women, so-called ‘enemies of the State’, there seems no end to their pain. Gina is one of these,

 - Kingdom of Slaves, ebook

Kingdom of Slaves


‘Domain’... is it a religious cult, a secret organisation or something more sinister? Whatever... when reporter Kim gets a chance to infiltrate, she goes for it! Unfortunately reality proves to be way beyond anything she could have imagined. On her…

England, Elizabeth - Love's Other Ways, ebook

Love's Other Ways

England, Elizabeth


Edward is a sadist who takes pleasure in whipping young women. Newly married, he also takes great pleasure in introducing his young wife to stringent discipline, using the cane to keep her firmly under his control

Towne, Allen - Under The Roman Lash, ebook

Under The Roman Lash

Towne, Allen


She is bound to a cross, alongside another slave, facing two experienced whip-masters. The contest is who can take the most strokes without screaming, with the loser facing a very uncertain and certainly agonising future! Shiri's life is not a pleasant one at the best

Jensen, JD - Voyage of Terror, ebook

Voyage of Terror

Jensen, JD


The sailing ship is loaded with convicts on their way to the dreaded Hell on earth penal colony of Port Cayonne. The captain is content to have the 100 men and 30 women supervised by the sadistic Madam Latour, herself a convict serving her out her parole,…

McCloud, Lady Alice - The Reluctant Stripper, ebook

The Reluctant Stripper

McCloud, Lady Alice


In a world where Victorian values and discipline still hold sway over the British Empire, the lovely Thrift is sent as a spy to the dangerously decadent environs of France. After various painful and erotic adventures she arrives in Paris, where there…

Carlson, Marla - Performing Bodies in Pain, ebook

Performing Bodies in Pain

Carlson, Marla


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Marla Carlson
2. Feeling Torture
Marla Carlson
3. Imagining Death
Marla Carlson
4. Enduring Ecstasy
Marla Carlson
5. Whipping Up Community
Marla Carlson
6. Containing Chaos
Marla Carlson
7. Conclusion
Marla Carlson

Downes, Nick - The Training Estate - Volume 2, ebook

The Training Estate - Volume 2

Downes, Nick


Paula Harding a proud, arrogant, sadistic torturer, has been betrayed by her employer and now finds herself a helpless whipped slave in the power of the Peon Estate where mercy is an unknown quantity and the life of a slavegirl only improved by total and complete submission