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Black, Kris - Squarespace 6 For Dummies, ebook

Squarespace 6 For Dummies

Black, Kris


Even if you've been using earlier versions of Squarespace, the features in version 6 will amaze you - and bring you straight to this must-have guide for practical information! If you're a do-it-yourself website builder, get up to speed fast on all the next-generation

Black, Kris - Squarespace For Dummies, ebook

Squarespace For Dummies

Black, Kris


Discover how to build your own blog, website, or portfolio with Squarespace!
Squarespace is a fast-growing all-in-one solution for creating and maintaining a blog, website, or portfolio that allows you to drag and drop various site elements and manage your finished product on the free Squarespace

Martin, Sarah - The Definitive Guide to Squarespace, ebook

The Definitive Guide to Squarespace

Martin, Sarah


Table of contents
1. Introduction to Squarespace
Sarah Martin
2. Getting Started on Your Site
Sarah Martin
3. Styling Your Site
Sarah Martin
4. Site Settings and Best Practices
Sarah Martin
5. HTML, CSS, and JavaScript

Bair, Amy Lupold - Blogging For Dummies, ebook

Blogging For Dummies

Bair, Amy Lupold


You'll learn how to set up an account, find ample coverage of social plug-ins and emerging platforms like Squarespace and Overblog, and discover savvy ways to write your first post. Best of all, the book explores how you can make real money from your passion and become