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Croucher, Mel - Pibolar Disorder, ebook

Pibolar Disorder

Croucher, Mel


Pibolar Disorder includes the entire archive of the weekly Back Page cartoon strips published throughout the golden years of UK video gaming, it is a genuine slice of home computer history, and is absolutely unique.

Linfield, Rachel Sparks - Planning for Learning through the Seasons, ebook

Planning for Learning through the Seasons

Linfield, Rachel Sparks


Plan for six weeks of learning for each season with this bumper edition, covering all six areas of learning and development of the EYFS. This bumper edition contains all the material contained in Planning for Learning Through Spring, Summer, Autumn and…

Harries, Judith - Planning for Learning through Opposites, ebook

Planning for Learning through Opposites

Harries, Judith


The weekly themes in this book include: words and concepts: happy/sad; big/small; old/new; hot/cold; loud/quiet; up/down. It all ends with a pyjama party with children enjoying night time things during the day!