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Huang, Ronghuai - Reshaping Learning, ebook

Reshaping Learning

Huang, Ronghuai


Digital Natives: Exploring the Diversity of Young People’s Experience with Technology
Linda Corrin, Sue Bennett, Lori Lockyer
6. Adapting for a Personalized Learning Experience
Margaret Martinez
Part III. The Future of Learning Content
7. The Changing

Jokinen, Kristiina - Dialogues with Social Robots, ebook

Dialogues with Social Robots

Jokinen, Kristiina


DigiSami and Digital Natives: Interaction Technology for the North Sami Language
Kristiina Jokinen, Katri Hiovain, Niklas Laxström, Ilona Rauhala, Graham Wilcock
Part II. Methods and Techniques for Spoken Dialogue Systems
2. A Comparative Study of Text

Spagnoletti, Paolo - Organizational Change and Information Systems, ebook

Organizational Change and Information Systems

Spagnoletti, Paolo


Does ICT Influence Organizational Behaviour? An Investigation of Digital Natives Leadership Potential
Alessio Maria Braccini
3. In the Face of Customers’ Changing Behaviour, Should Italian Banks’ Approach to Online Trading Remain the Same?
Franca Cantoni,