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Yorke, Stan - Weather Forecasting Made Simple, ebook

Weather Forecasting Made Simple

Yorke, Stan


The weather has always dominated our daily lives and wind, rain and sunshine remain our favourite topic of conversation. We all want to know what the weather will be for the week ahead in order to plan our days. But even with T.V.forecasts, it is hard

Dorling, Steve - Operational Weather Forecasting, ebook

Operational Weather Forecasting

Dorling, Steve


Operational Weather Forecasting covers the whole process of forecast production, from understanding the nature of the forecasting problem, gathering the observational data with which to initialise and verify forecasts, designing and building a model (or models) to

Paxton, Larry - Auroral Dynamics and Space Weather, ebook

Auroral Dynamics and Space Weather

Paxton, Larry


This monograph features discussions of:                                        New auroral phenomena due to the ring current ion and polar rain electron precipitation Various auroral forms and hemispheric asymmetry Auroral model development and MHD simulations Application of the auroral

Henson, Robert - Weather on the Air, ebook

Weather on the Air

Henson, Robert


Table of contents
1. “And Now, Your Forecast”
Robert Henson
2. The Big Picture
Robert Henson
3. The Invisible Weather Team
Robert Henson
4. But Seriously …
Robert Henson
5. Blue Skies and Green Screens
Robert Henson
6. Breaking through the Glass Map
Robert Henson
7. Coast

Lilensten, Jean - Space Weather, ebook

Space Weather

Lilensten, Jean


The Solar Weather/Solar Activity Monitoring and Forecast
Ronald Linden
2. Using CME Observations for Geomagnetic Storm Forecasting
Andrei N. Zhukov
3. Solar Activity Monitoring
Peter T. Gallagher, R. T James McAteer, C. Alex Young, Jack Ireland,

Seargent, David A. J. - Weird Weather, ebook

Weird Weather

Seargent, David A. J.


Table of contents
1. This Island Earth
David A. J. Seargent
2. Our Changing Planet
David A. J. Seargent
3. Glowing Skies
David A. J. Seargent
4. Lightning’s Gleaming Rod
David A. J. Seargent
5. Tornadoes and Other…