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Tucker, Aaron - Virtual Weaponry, ebook

Virtual Weaponry

Tucker, Aaron


Table of contents
1. Introduction: Virtual Weaponry
Aaron Tucker
2. The Hard Technological Body in the Exoskeletal Soldier
Aaron Tucker
3. The Soldier Interfaces on the Digitally Augmented Battlefield
Aaron Tucker
4. War Films,…

Langley, Michelle C. - Osseous Projectile Weaponry, ebook

Osseous Projectile Weaponry

Langley, Michelle C.


Osseous Projectile Weaponry from Early to Late Middle Stone Age Africa
Lucinda Backwell, Francesco d’Errico
3. Bone Point Functional Diversity: A Cautionary Tale from Southern Africa
Justin Bradfield
Part II. Europe
4. Early Upper Paleolithic Osseous

Cowper, H. S. - The Art of Attack and the Development of Weapons, ebook

The Art of Attack and the Development of Weapons

Cowper, H. S.


So we are taken on a stage by stage journey through the whole range of weaponry - grappling hooks, cutting weapons, throwing spears, javelins, harpoons, catapults, blowpipes and the means of throwing or discharging them. The sheer variety of means of dealing aggressively

Instructor, An - Complete Guide to the Hotchkiss Machine Gun, ebook

Complete Guide to the Hotchkiss Machine Gun

Instructor, An


The French designed Hotchkiss machine gun was officially adopted by the British Army as a light machine gun to serve alongside the Lewis gun. However, the Lewis went to infantry units, whilst the Hotchkiss was issued to cavalry and armoured units. This…

Longstaff, Major F. V. - The Book of the Machine Gun 1917, ebook

The Book of the Machine Gun 1917

Longstaff, Major F. V.


This book is a very important text for any student of the development of the machine gun, and contains details of the history of this weapon from its inception to the mid-ppoint of the First World War. The evolution of the machine gun is detailed, followed…