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Agarwal, Rashmi Avinash - Waste to Wealth, ebook

Waste to Wealth

Agarwal, Rashmi Avinash


Utilization of Crude Glycerol from Biodiesel Industry for the Production of Value-Added Bioproducts
S. Chozhavendhan, R. Praveen Kumar, S. Elavazhagan, B. Barathiraja, M. Jayakumar, Sunita J. Varjani
5. Utilization of Citrus Waste Biomass for Antioxidant Production

Pinedo, Michael - Global Asset Management, ebook

Global Asset Management

Pinedo, Michael


Global Asset Management — Introduction and Overview
1. The Asset Management Industry Dynamics of Growth, Structure and Performance
Ingo Walter
2. What Do We Know About the Mutual

Cuadrado-Roura, Juan R. - Service Industries and Regions, ebook

Service Industries and Regions

Cuadrado-Roura, Juan R.


Service Industries: Growth Factors, Globalization and Innovation
2. Towards Increasingly “Tertiarised” Economies: Facts, Factors and Prospects
Juan R. Cuadrado-Roura
3. The Service Sector in the New Globalization Phase: Evidence from European Regions

Dudbridge, Michael - Lean Manufacturing in the Food Industry, ebook

Lean Manufacturing in the Food Industry

Dudbridge, Michael


The principles of lean manufacturing – increasing efficiency, reducing waste, lowering costs and improving control – may be applied to any industry. However, the food industry is unique, and creates unique demands. The political, social and