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Singh, Vijay P - Water Quality Management, ebook

Water Quality Management

Singh, Vijay P


Evaluation of Treatment Technologies for Arsenic-Free Drinking Water Supply, Disposal of Backwash Water and Exhausted Media in Bihar, India
Astha Kumari, N. S. Maurya
3. Simultaneous Removal of Arsenic and Nitrate in Anaerobic

Singh, Vijay P - Water Resources Management, ebook

Water Resources Management

Singh, Vijay P


Water Resources Planning and Management
7. Water Crisis: Issues and Challenges in Punjab
Ravishankar Kumar, Upma Vaid, Sunil Mittal
8. Issues and Challenges of River Health Assessment in India
M. L. Kansal
9. Coastal Reservoir—How to Develop Freshwater

Abdi, M. Reza - Adaptive Water Management, ebook

Adaptive Water Management

Abdi, M. Reza


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Farideh Delavari Edalat, M. Reza Abdi
Part I. Part I
2. Concepts and Approaches of Main Water Managements
Farideh Delavari Edalat, M. Reza Abdi
3. Concept and Application of Adaptive Water Management
Farideh Delavari Edalat, M. Reza Abdi
Part II. Part II
4. Water

McNabb, David E. - Water Resource Management, ebook

Water Resource Management

McNabb, David E.


Beginnings of Water Management in the U.S
David E. McNabb
6. Federal Regulators of the Resource
David E. McNabb
7. Water Resource Management Comes of Age
David E. McNabb
8. Managing Water Conflicts

Waters, Donald - Inventory Control and Management, ebook

Inventory Control and Management

Waters, Donald


This completely updated new edition reviews current thinking on inventory management. It emphasises the growth of e-commerce, and the trend away from classical models based on economic order quantities and towards dependent demand systems.
The author sets inventory

Kubota, Jumpei - Sustainable Water Management, ebook

Sustainable Water Management

Kubota, Jumpei


Design: Designing Water Resources Management with Collaborative Activities of Multistakeholders
2. Participatory Approaches to Environmental Management: Future Design for Water Resources

Biswas, Asit K. - Water Management in 2020 and Beyond, ebook

Water Management in 2020 and Beyond

Biswas, Asit K.


Changing Global Water Management Landscape
Asit K. Biswas, Cecilia Tortajada
2. More Urban and More Aged: Demographic Pressures to Global Water Resources by 2050
Olli Varis
3. Water and the Next Generation – Towards

Waters, Donald - Logistics -An introduction to supply chain management, ebook

Logistics -An introduction to supply chain management

Waters, Donald


Logistics - An Introduction to Supply Chain Management is an essential introduction for any business student studying Logistics or Supply Chain Management. The text uses chapter aims, summaries, boxed items, case studies, worked examples, problem discussion

Brears, Robert C. - Urban Water Security, ebook

Urban Water Security

Brears, Robert C.


With global demand for water projected to outstrip supply in the coming decades, cities will likely face water insecurity as a result of climate change and the various impacts of urbanisation. Traditionally, urban water