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Gore, Meredith L. - Conservation Criminology, ebook

Conservation Criminology

Gore, Meredith L.


This important new text introduces conservation criminology as the interdisciplinary study of environmental exploitation and risks at the intersection of human and natural systems. Taking an interdisciplinary approach, the book enhances understanding of the various human and organizational

Bisht, Jaideep Kumar - Conservation Agriculture, ebook

Conservation Agriculture

Bisht, Jaideep Kumar


Resource Conservation Technologies (RCTs) for Climate-Resilient Agriculture in the Foothill of Northwest Himalayas
Sanjay Arora, Rajan Bhatt
4. Role of Biofertilizers in Conservation Agriculture
Mahendra Singh, M.

Macdonald, David W. - Key Topics in Conservation Biology 2, ebook

Key Topics in Conservation Biology 2

Macdonald, David W.


Following the much acclaimed success of the first volume of Key Topics in Conservation Biology, this entirely new second volume addresses an innovative array of key topics in contemporary conservation biology.  Written by an internationally renowned

Cordery, Ian - Coping with Water Scarcity, ebook

Coping with Water Scarcity

Cordery, Ian


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Luis Santos Pereira, Ian Cordery, Iacovos Iacovides
2. Water Scarcity Concepts
Luis Santos Pereira, Ian Cordery, Iacovos Iacovides
3. Physical Characteristics and Processes Leading to Water Scarcity
Luis Santos Pereira, Ian Cordery, Iacovos Iacovides
4. Droughts and

Evett, Steven - Water and Land Security in Drylands, ebook

Water and Land Security in Drylands

Evett, Steven


A Study of Water Stress on Olive Growing Under the Effect of Climate Change in South East of Tunisia
A. Hachani, Mohamed Ouessar, A. Zerrim
2. Climate Change Impacts in the Maghreb Region: Status and Prospects of the Water Resources
L. Oualkacha, L. Stour,

Brears, Robert C. - Urban Water Security, ebook

Urban Water Security

Brears, Robert C.


With global demand for water projected to outstrip supply in the coming decades, cities will likely face water insecurity as a result of climate change and the various impacts of urbanisation. Traditionally, urban water