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Hammond, Andrew - Cold War Stories, ebook

Cold War Stories

Hammond, Andrew


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Andrew Hammond
2. Cold War Anxieties
Andrew Hammond
3. A Weakened Nation
Andrew Hammond
4. The Art of Dystopia
Andrew Hammond

Doyle, Arthur Conan - Danger! and Other Stories, ebook

Danger! and Other Stories

Doyle, Arthur Conan


A fascinating collection of short stories by the creator of Sherlock Holmes, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. The title story, “Danger!”, was written eighteen months before the start of the First World War, and describes

Horan, Michael - Jesus and the Trojan War, ebook

Jesus and the Trojan War

Horan, Michael


Jesus and the Trojan War looks at ways in which stories are presented and understood; and how story-tellers - and their listeners - may wittingly or unwittingly confuse fact with fiction. This book explores the parallels

Henty, G. A. - On the Irrawaddy, A Story of the First Burmese War, ebook

On the Irrawaddy, A Story of the First Burmese War

Henty, G. A.


With the exception of the terrible retreat from Afghanistan, none of England's many little wars have been so fatal in proportion to the number of those engaged as our first expedition to Burma. The Burman policy of carrying off every boat on the river, laying waste the whole country, and

Rissik, David - The D.L.I. at War, ebook

The D.L.I. at War

Rissik, David


This book is one among several published by the Naval and Military Press chronicling the DLI's many battle exploits, and it tells the regiment's story during the Second World War. The history comes complete with a foreword by Field-Marshal

Rimmer, Edmund - The Story of the First-Fifth Bedfords, ebook

The Story of the First-Fifth Bedfords

Rimmer, Edmund


This slim volume, published in 1917 when the war was still in progress, is a memorial testomonial describes the regiment’s proud part in the Gallipoli campaign, in which it took part in some of the fiercest fighting in August and Septmber 1915. There are photos and

Higgins, Jeremy - Great War Railwaymen, ebook

Great War Railwaymen

Higgins, Jeremy


The railways were intrinsic to fighting the First World War, whether at home or abroad. On the Western Front and beyond trains ferried men and supplies to and from the front on a staggering scale, ensuring that the war machine functioned without pause.

Lambert, Merv - An Emu at War, ebook

An Emu at War

Lambert, Merv


In these further adventures of M, the invisible computer-generated emu, read how the Smogg family get their come- uppance, M and Colin the librarian visit Sherwood Forest, the gang get transported to France during World War 2 and how an arrogant RAF officer is thwarted. As expected, in