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Drummer, Jens - Vocational Teacher Education in Central Asia, ebook

Vocational Teacher Education in Central Asia

Drummer, Jens


Technical Training of Teachers of Vocational Education in Higher Educational Institutions
Svetlana Udartseva, Tatyana Ikonnikova, Tamara Udartseva, Tatyana Chausova, Gulfarida Samashova
14. Approaches of Engineering Pedagogy to Improve the Quality of Teaching

Gaggioli, Andrea - Networked Flow, ebook

Networked Flow

Gaggioli, Andrea


Table of contents
1. Introduction from Creativity to Creative Networks
Andrea Gaggioli, Giuseppe Riva, Luca Milani, Elvis Mazzoni
2. The Cognitive Foundations of Networked Flow: Intentions, Presence, and Social Presence
Andrea Gaggioli,…

Smith, Erica - Rediscovering Apprenticeship, ebook

Rediscovering Apprenticeship

Smith, Erica


Competence Development Through Workplace Learning: The Case of the French Vocational Baccalauréat
Bénédicte Gendron
3. The Transition from Vocational Education and Training to Higher Education in the German-Speaking

Lerch, Sebastian - Selbstkompetenzen, ebook


Lerch, Sebastian


Table of contents
1. Einleitung: Selbstkompetenzen verstehen, sichtbar machen und fördern
Sebastian Lerch
2. Aktuelle Relevanz von Selbstkompetenzen in Gesellschaft, Wirtschaft und Politik
Sebastian Lerch
3. Rekonstruktionen und Kritik