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Adamson, Bob - Bridging the Skills Gap, ebook

Bridging the Skills Gap

Adamson, Bob


Soft Skills: What They Are and How to Foster Them
Shubha Jayaram, Rose Musau
7. Principles of Successful Skills Development Models
Michelle Engmann, Aarthi Rao, Bob Adamson

Deitmer, Ludger - The Architecture of Innovative Apprenticeship, ebook

The Architecture of Innovative Apprenticeship

Deitmer, Ludger


Exploring Intermediate Vocational Education and Training for 16–19-Year-Olds in Germany and England
Jeremy J. S. Higham, H.-Hugo Kremer, David Yeomans
4. Apprenticeship, Pathways and Career Guidance: A Cautionary Tale
Richard Sweet
5. No Choice –

Gartmeier, Martin - Gespräche zwischen Lehrpersonen und Eltern, ebook

Gespräche zwischen Lehrpersonen und Eltern

Gartmeier, Martin


Table of contents
1. Kommunikation zwischen Lehrpersonen und Eltern als Forschungsthema
Martin Gartmeier
2. Gesellschaftliche Rahmenbedingungen schulischer Elterngespräche
Martin Gartmeier
3. Institutionelle Rahmenbedingungen schulischer…

Schoenborn, Barry - Technical Math For Dummies, ebook

Technical Math For Dummies

Schoenborn, Barry


Maps to a course commonly required by vocational schools, community and technical college, or for certification in the skilled trades Covers the basic concepts of arithmetic, algebra, geometry, and trigonometry Helps professionals keep pace with job demands

Kirpal, Simone R. - Labour-Market Flexibility and Individual Careers, ebook

Labour-Market Flexibility and Individual Careers

Kirpal, Simone R.


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Simone R. Kirpal
2. Skills and Labour Markets in Germany and the UK
Simone R. Kirpal
3. Work and Career Orientations of Nurses
Simone R. Kirpal
4. Work and Career Orientations of IT Technicians
Simone R. Kirpal
5. Reflections on Empirical Findings