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Luker, Karen - Health Visiting: A Rediscovery, ebook

Health Visiting: A Rediscovery

Luker, Karen


As we celebrate the 150 year anniversary of the profession in 2012, Health Visiting: A Rediscovery has been thoroughly revised and updated since the last edition to reflect the many developments in health policy, public health priorities and health visiting

Bryar, Rosamund M. - Health Visiting: Preparation for Practice, ebook

Health Visiting: Preparation for Practice

Bryar, Rosamund M.


 Health Visiting: Preparation for Practice has been fully revised and updated to reflect the changes and developments in health policy, public health priorities, and health visiting.  It considers the public health role of the

Jerrold, W. Blanchard - How to See the British Museum in Four Visits, ebook

How to See the British Museum in Four Visits

Jerrold, W. Blanchard


A fascinating guidebook from 1852 shows the reader how they could take in all the world-famous British Museum has to offer in only 4 visits. The museum has, unsurprisingly, changed since the original publication of this book, but many of the exhibits described are still in the same places

Noffsinger, Edward B. - The ABCs of Group Visits, ebook

The ABCs of Group Visits

Noffsinger, Edward B.


Why Try Group Visits in Your Practice?
Edward B. Noffsinger
2. Today’s Three Major Group Visit Models
Edward B. Noffsinger
3. Twelve Key First Steps
Edward B. Noffsinger
4. Weeks Ten and Nine Prior to Launching Your Group Visit

Munford, Rebecca - Re-visiting Angela Carter, ebook

Re-visiting Angela Carter

Munford, Rebecca


Table of contents
1. Angela Carter and the Politics of Intertextuality
Rebecca Munford
2. Convulsive Beauty and Compulsive Desire: The Surrealist Pattern of Shadow Dance
Anna Watz Fruchart
3. Something Sacred: Angela Carter, Jean-Luc…

Noffsinger, Edward B. - Running Group Visits in Your Practice, ebook

Running Group Visits in Your Practice

Noffsinger, Edward B.


Table of contents
2. Introduction to Group Visits
Edward B. Noffsinger
3. The Drop-In Group Medical Appointment Model: A Revolutionary Access Solution for Follow-Up Visits
Edward B. Noffsinger
4. DIGMAs: Strengths, Weaknesses, and Real-Life Examples
Edward B. Noffsinger
5. The Cooperative Healthcare

Neal-Boylan, Leslie - Clinical Case Studies in Home Health Care, ebook

Clinical Case Studies in Home Health Care

Neal-Boylan, Leslie


The book begins with a thorough and accessible introduction to the principles of home health care, including a discussion of supporting theoretical frameworks and information on managing complexities, transitioning patients to home care, and preparation for the home visit