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Wang, Xiangyu - Collaborative Design in Virtual Environments, ebook

Collaborative Design in Virtual Environments

Wang, Xiangyu


Representation and Embodiments in Collaborative Virtual Environments: Objects, Users, and Presence
3. Design Representation and Perception in Virtual Environments
Chiu-Shui Chan
4. Design Paradigms for the Enhancement

Lehmann-Grube, Fritz - Facets of Virtual Environments, ebook

Facets of Virtual Environments

Lehmann-Grube, Fritz


Development of Virtual Geographic Environments and Geography Research
Fengru Huang, Hui Lin, Bin Chen
2. Dual Reality: Merging the Real and Virtual
Joshua Lifton, Joseph A. Paradiso
3. Exploring the Use of Virtual

Steinicke, Frank - Human Walking in Virtual Environments, ebook

Human Walking in Virtual Environments

Steinicke, Frank


Perceptual and Cognitive Factors for Self-Motion Simulation in Virtual Environments: How Can Self-Motion Illusions (“Vection”) Be Utilized?
Bernhard E. Riecke, Jörg Schulte-Pelkum
3. Biomechanics of Walking in Real

Bainbridge, William Sims - The Virtual Future, ebook

The Virtual Future

Bainbridge, William Sims


Table of contents
1. The City and the Stars
William Sims Bainbridge
2. The Matrix Online
William Sims Bainbridge
3. Tabula Rasa
William Sims Bainbridge
4. Anarchy Online
William Sims Bainbridge
5. Entropia Universe

Alfano, Veronica - Virtual Victorians, ebook

Virtual Victorians

Alfano, Veronica


Artificial Environments, Virtual Realities, and the Cultivation of Propensity in the London Colosseum
Peter Otto
10. The Imperial Avatar in the Imagined Landscape: the Virtual Dynamics