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Kerr, Morag G. - Veterinary Laboratory Medicine, ebook

Veterinary Laboratory Medicine

Kerr, Morag G.


Veterinary Laboratory Medicine covers all aspects of basic clinical biochemistry and haematology, and includes test-by-test interpretation of laboratory results. Information is provided on sampling techniques, the selection and use of an external laboratory,

Percival, Steven - Biofilms and Veterinary Medicine, ebook

Biofilms and Veterinary Medicine

Percival, Steven


Table of contents
1. Introduction to Microbiology, Zoonoses and Antibiotics
Steven L. Percival, Jerry S. Knapp, David W. Williams, John Heritage, Lucy A. Brunton
2. Introduction to Biofilms
Steven L. Percival, Sladjana Malic, Helena Cruz, David W. Williams
3. Zoonotic Infections: The Role of Biofilms

McGeady, T. A. - Veterinary Embryology, ebook

Veterinary Embryology

McGeady, T. A.


Key features:Written by a team which includes members with expertise in developmental anatomy, molecular biology and clinical aspects of veterinary medicine.The authors have extensive experience in the teaching of veterinary embryology

Noli, Chiara - Veterinary Allergy, ebook

Veterinary Allergy

Noli, Chiara


The current state of knowledge on this increasingly important subject is beautifully described in this, the first truly comprehensive text of allergic diseases affecting the major veterinary species. It will be an invaluable guide to students, clinicians and researchers alike. From the Foreword