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Hartman, Charles O. - Verse: An Introduction to Prosody, ebook

Verse: An Introduction to Prosody

Hartman, Charles O.


Verse is a seminal introduction to prosody for any student learning to read or write poetry, from secondary to graduate school. Discusses  iambic pentameter and other kinds of metrical verse, scansion, rhythm and rhyme, free verse,

Hörmann, Karl - Surgery for Sleep Disordered Breathing, ebook

Surgery for Sleep Disordered Breathing

Hörmann, Karl


Palatal Surgery
Thomas Verse, Wolfgang Pirsig, Joachim T. Maurer
7. Lower Pharyngeal Airway Procedures
Boris A. Stuck, Thomas Verse, Nico Vries, Joachim T. Maurer
8. Maxillofacial Surgeries
Thomas Verse, Thomas

Hörmann, Karl - Surgery for Sleep-Disordered Breathing, ebook

Surgery for Sleep-Disordered Breathing

Hörmann, Karl


Table of contents
1. Sleep-Disordered Breathing
2. General Aspects of Therapy
3. Identifying the Site of Obstruction
4. Nasal Surgery
5. Nasopharyngeal Surgery
6. Palatal Surgery
7. Lower Pharyngeal Airway Procedures

Strand, Heini - Hyvä verse: Suomiräpin naiset, ebook

Hyvä verse: Suomiräpin naiset

Strand, Heini


Tämä teos on lajissaan ensimmäinen: kirja Suomen räppäävistä naisista! Kirjaan on haastateltu 27 räppäriä, naista. He kertovat, keitä artisteja he ovat lapsena kuunnelleet ja mistä heidän räppäämisensä on saanut alkunsa. Lisäksi räppärit…

Phelan, Joseph - The Music of Verse, ebook

The Music of Verse

Phelan, Joseph


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Joseph Phelan
2. A Note on Terminology and Metrical Markings
Joseph Phelan
3. Music and Metre
Joseph Phelan
4. The English Hexameter in Theory and Practice
Joseph Phelan
5. Native Traditions:…

Fowler, Joanna - Voice and Context in Eighteenth-Century Verse, ebook

Voice and Context in Eighteenth-Century Verse

Fowler, Joanna


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Allan Ingram, Joanna Fowler
Part I. Form and Influence
2. Pope’s Horatian Voice
Nigel Wood
3. Celebrating Universal Beauty
John Baker
4. Argumentative Emphases in Pope’s
Tom Jones
5. ‘Stricken Deer and Digressive Diplomacy’
Conrad Brunström

Jones, Emrys - The New Oxford Book of Sixteenth Century Verse, ebook

The New Oxford Book of Sixteenth Century Verse

Jones, Emrys


The sixteenth century has long been acknowledged the 'Golden Age' of English verse - with such names as Shakespeare, Donne, and Spenser to its credit it could hardly be otherwise. Yet this anthology, which includes both undisputed masterpieces and achievements in hitherto neglected fields,

Hunter, David - Understanding French Verse : A Guide for Singers, ebook

Understanding French Verse : A Guide for Singers

Hunter, David


Free verse Appendix 1. Commentaries on four poems Adieux de l'hotesse arabe Le colibri En sourdine Montparnasse Appendix 2. Poems and songs discussed in the guide Appendix 3. A brief history of French versification Glossary of technical terms Notes Suggestions