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Streete, Adrian - Early Modern Drama and the Bible, ebook

Early Modern Drama and the Bible

Streete, Adrian


Measuring up to Nebuchadnezzar: Biblical Presences in Shakespeare’s Tragicomedies
Helen Wilcox
4. ‘Fatal Visions’: The Image as Actor in Early Modern Tragedy
Patricia Canning
Part 2. Political Theology, the Bible and Drama
5. Political Theology

Morfee, Adrian - Antonin Artaud's Writing Bodies, ebook

Antonin Artaud's Writing Bodies

Morfee, Adrian


His late poetry is discussed in depth and new attention is paid to the verbal details of his writing and to the way he builds up his ideas. Artaud emerges as a man of ideas performing disturbing conceptual work, but needs to be considered not as a contestatory psychotic

Bruley, Duane F. - Oxygen Transport to Tissue XXXVIII, ebook

Oxygen Transport to Tissue XXXVIII

Bruley, Duane F.


PFC Activity Pattern During Verbal WM Task in Healthy Male and Female Subjects: A NIRS Study
Chenyang Gao, Lei Zhang, Dewu Luo, Dan Liu, Hui Gong
26. Spatial Distribution of Changes in Oxidised Cytochrome C Oxidase During Visual Stimulation Using Broadband