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Hay, Roderick James - Antibiotic and Antifungal Therapies in Dermatology, ebook

Antibiotic and Antifungal Therapies in Dermatology

Hay, Roderick James


Table of contents
1. Common Skin Bacterial Infections
S. Ingen-Housz-Oro, P. Giudice, O. Chosidow
2. Antibiotics in the Management of Acne
Alison M. Layton
3. Antimicrobial Treatment of Rosacea
Christos C. Zouboulis, Martin Schaller, Harald P. M. Gollnick
4. Venereal Disease I: Syphilis

Wald, Erica - Vice in the Barracks, ebook

Vice in the Barracks

Wald, Erica


Regulating the Body: Experiments in Venereal Disease Control, 1797–1831
Erica Wald
4. Medicine and Disease in the ‘Age of Reform’
Erica Wald
5. The Body of the Soldier and Space of the Cantonment
Erica Wald
6. ‘Unofficial’ Responses

Heydt-Stevenson, Jillian - Austen’s Unbecoming Conjunctions, ebook

Austen’s Unbecoming Conjunctions

Heydt-Stevenson, Jillian


“Praying to Cupid for a Cure”: Venereal Disease, Prostitution, and the Marriage Market in Emma
Jillian Heydt-Stevenson
7. “Unbecoming Conjunctions”: Comic Mourning and the Female Gaze in Persuasion
Jillian Heydt-Stevenson
8. Conclusion

Vaughan, Megan - Curing Their Ills: Colonial Power and African Illness, ebook

Curing Their Ills: Colonial Power and African Illness

Vaughan, Megan


The book includes chapters on the history of psychiatry in Africa, on the treatment of venereal diseases, on the memoirs of European 'Jungle Doctors', and on mission medicine. In exploring the representations of disease as well as medical practice, Curing their Ills

Cox, Catherine - Cultures of Care in Irish Medical History, 1750–1970, ebook

Cultures of Care in Irish Medical History, 1750–1970

Cox, Catherine


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Catherine Cox, Maria Luddy
2. ‘Bleeding, vomiting and purging’: The Medical Response to Ill-health in Eighteenth-century Ireland
James Kelly
3. General Practice and Coroners’ Practice: Medico-legal Work and the Irish Medical Profession, c. 1830–c. 1890

Emsley, John - The Elements of Murder : A History of Poison, ebook

The Elements of Murder : A History of Poison

Emsley, John


Emsley also touches on subjects close to home: cot deaths, laxatives, venereal disease, alleged cures for acne, hangovers, and insanity. - ;Meticulously researched, this book reads like a novel and a reader could pick up enough colourful anecdotes on which to dine