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Joppke, Christian - Veil, ebook


Joppke, Christian

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France and Germany have legislated against it, and even the UK, long a champion of multiculturalism, has recently restricted the veil proper. Ever since home-grown Islamic terrorism struck Europe, these debates have become even more prominent, impassioned and wide-ranging,

Ghosh, Anindita - Behind the Veil, ebook

Behind the Veil

Ghosh, Anindita


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Anindita Ghosh
2. From the Symbolic to the Open: Women’s Resistance in Colonial Maharashtra
Padma Anagol
3. Small Acts of Rebellion: Women Tell Their Photographs
Geraldine Forbes
4. Wicked…

Karvonen, Aleksi - Whispers Through the Veil of Being, ebook

Whispers Through the Veil of Being

Karvonen, Aleksi


A three-part psychological / philosophical / weird horror story in style of Lovecraft, Ligotti and King. There's not really a short and concise way to describe this work in a manner that would explain it with any semblance of accuracy - one just has…

Lang, Kenneth R. - Parting the Cosmic Veil, ebook

Parting the Cosmic Veil

Lang, Kenneth R.


Table of contents
1. Cosmic Vision, War and Technology
2. Brave New Worlds
3. Motion, Content and Form
4. The Explosive Universe
5. The Fullness of Space
6. Epilogue — Origins and Destinies

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Chakraborti, Neil - Islamophobia, Victimisation and the Veil, ebook

Islamophobia, Victimisation and the Veil

Chakraborti, Neil


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Irene Zempi, Neil Chakraborti
2. Constructions of Islam, Gender and the Veil
Irene Zempi, Neil Chakraborti
3. Unveiling Islamophobic Victimisation
Irene Zempi, Neil Chakraborti
4. Researching…