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UNKNOWN - Betty Crocker Vegetarian Cooking, ebook

Betty Crocker Vegetarian Cooking



Vegetarian cooking isn't just for vegetarians anymore! Today, more and more families incorporate vegetarian meals and products into their everyday cooking.

Sarros, Connie - Student's Vegetarian Cookbook For Dummies, ebook

Student's Vegetarian Cookbook For Dummies

Sarros, Connie

From 17,05€

The easy way to eat vegetarian on campus
Vegetarianism is growing rapidly, and young adults?including college students?are leading the charge as more and more of them discover the many benefits to adopting a vegetarian lifestyle. However, there are limited resources for budget-conscious

Bowdich, Mrs - New (Victorian) Vegetarian Dishes, ebook

New (Victorian) Vegetarian Dishes

Bowdich, Mrs


Classic vegetarian dishes by the author Mrs. Bowdich, containing over 200 meat free recipes. With step by step instructions, these classic vegetable based recipes, will be sure to give the vegetarian something to eat everyday of the year. First published

Hobbs, Suzanne Havala - Living Vegetarian For Dummies, ebook

Living Vegetarian For Dummies

Hobbs, Suzanne Havala


Practical ways to explore and adapt a vegetarian lifestyle
Are you considering a vegetarian diet for yourself or your family? Wondering if it's safe and how you'll get the right amount of nutrients? This authoritative guide has all the answers you need about living vegetarian,

Havala, Suzanne - Vegetarian Cooking For Dummies, ebook

Vegetarian Cooking For Dummies

Havala, Suzanne


If you thought you had to be a nutritionist to figure out a vegetarian diet, it’s actually a lot simpler than you think. Eating vegetarian, in addition to being healthy and delicious, is just plain fun. Discovering new and exotic vegetables like

UNKNOWN - Vegetarian Times Everything Vegan, ebook

Vegetarian Times Everything Vegan



A diverse and delicious collection of vegan recipes from the experts at Vegetarian Times magazine
Whether they're vegan for a day, a week, a lifetime, or even just for lunch hour, the demand among vegans for deliciously satisfying animal-free recipes has never been greater. Vegetarian

Gelles, Carol - 100 Best Vegetarian Recipes, ebook

100 Best Vegetarian Recipes

Gelles, Carol


Easy Meatless Dishes for Everyday Meals
This irresistible little book presents 100 essential vegetarian recipes-easy, delicious, wonderfully adaptable dishes that you're guaranteed to love, from Green and White Lasagna to Indonesian Vegetable Stew. Updating dishes from the author's classic,

UNKNOWN - Better Homes & Gardens 365 Vegetarian Meals, ebook

Better Homes & Gardens 365 Vegetarian Meals



A mouthwatering collection of everyday vegetarian and vegan recipes the whole family will love—year round
365 Vegetarian Meals is filled with a year’s worth of fast, easy-to-make, and hearty meals. These simple yet innovative meal ideas include breakfasts, sandwiches, casseroles