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Andrews, Travis D. - Excursions in Harmonic Analysis, Volume 2, ebook

Excursions in Harmonic Analysis, Volume 2

Andrews, Travis D.


Absolute Continuity and Singularity of Measures Without Measure Theory
R. B. Burckel
2. Visible and Invisible Cantor Sets
Carlos Cabrelli, Udayan B. Darji, Ursula Molter
3. Convolution Inequalities for Positive Borel Measures

Cao, Bing-Yuan - Fuzzy Information and Engineering, ebook

Fuzzy Information and Engineering

Cao, Bing-Yuan


Contrast Enhancement for Image by WNN and GA Combining PSNR with Information Entropy
Changjiang Zhang, Han Wei
2. A Generalized Decision Logic Language for Information Tables
Xiaosheng Wang
3. New Similarity Measures

Tan, Honghua - Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining, ebook

Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining

Tan, Honghua


Applying Fourth-Order Partial Differential Equations and Contrast Enhancement to Fluorescence Microscopic Image Denoising
Yu Wang, Hong Xue
18. Design of Programmable Laser Receiver Signal Simulator
Mingang Wang, Chuanxin Sun
19. Fault Current Limit

Deserno, Thomas M. - Bildverarbeitung für die Medizin 2018, ebook

Bildverarbeitung für die Medizin 2018

Deserno, Thomas M.


Comparison of Self-similarity Measures for Multi-modal Non-rigid Registration of 3D-PLI Brain Images
Sharib Ali, Dehui Lin, Markus Axer, Karl Rohr
29. Two-Step Trajectory Visualization for Robot-Assisted Spine Radiofrequency Ablations
Nico Merten, Simon

Abraham, Ajith - Intelligent Systems Design and Applications, ebook

Intelligent Systems Design and Applications

Abraham, Ajith


Interval Valued Feature Selection for Classification of Logo Images
D. S. Guru, N. Vinay Kumar
17. An Hierarchical Framework for Classroom Events Classification
D. S. Guru, N. Vinay Kumar, K. N. Mahalakshmi Gupta, S. D. Nandini, H. N. Rajini, G. Namratha

Wan, Xiaofeng - Electrical Power Systems and Computers, ebook

Electrical Power Systems and Computers

Wan, Xiaofeng


A Fingerprint Image Enhancement Method Based on Contourlet Transform
Xiukun Yang, Yong Chai, Zhigang Yang
41. Compression Performance of Wide-Band Chirp Pulse in the Fractional Fourier Domain
Deng Bing, Xiao Mei-ping, Wang Hong-xing
42. A Modified Bit-Serial