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Gamb, Maria - Values-Based Leadership For Dummies, ebook

Values-Based Leadership For Dummies

Gamb, Maria


Benefit from values-based leadership
Values-driven organizations are considered by some to be the most successful on the planet. They have high levels of engagement, generate higher earnings, and are more profitable by having an inclusive, multi-tiered

Glauner, Friedrich - Values Cockpits, ebook

Values Cockpits

Glauner, Friedrich


Corporate Values: The Third Systemic Factor for Excellence in Enterprises
Friedrich Glauner
3. Values Cockpits and Values Management
Friedrich Glauner
4. Values at Work
Friedrich Glauner
5. Values: A Seedbed for Commercial Value

Roccas, Sonia - Values and Behavior, ebook

Values and Behavior

Roccas, Sonia


What Are Values and How Should They Be Measured?
1. What Personal Values Are and What They Are Not: Taking a Cross-Cultural Perspective
Lilach Sagiv, Sonia Roccas
2. Methodological Issues in Studying Personal Values

Tàpies, Josep - Family Values and Value Creation, ebook

Family Values and Value Creation

Tàpies, Josep


A Classification Scheme for Family Firms: From Family Values to Effective Governance to Firm Performance
Pramodita Sharma, Mattias Nordqvist
6. How Values Dilemmas Underscore the Difficult Issues of Governing the Large,

Stewart, Jenny - Public Policy Values, ebook

Public Policy Values

Stewart, Jenny


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Jenny Stewart
2. What Are Policy Values?
Jenny Stewart
3. Value Conflict and Policy Change
Jenny Stewart
4. Implementing Fairness
Jenny Stewart
5. The Impact of Efficiency
Jenny Stewart
6. Values and Policy Instruments
Jenny Stewart
7. Where