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Brochmann, Nina - Vau, mikä vagina!, ebook

Vau, mikä vagina!

Brochmann, Nina


Nuorten lääketieteen opiskelijoiden suora ja iloisesti kuvitettu opas kattaa kaiken vaginaan liittyvän, naiselle tarpeellisen tiedon: klitoriksen syvät salat, hormonien villin tanssin, tavalliset naistentaudit ja sen, miten ehkäisy vaikuttaa elimistössä. Kirja

Brown, Laurence - Pathology of the Vulva and Vagina, ebook

Pathology of the Vulva and Vagina

Brown, Laurence


Table of contents
1. Development and Anatomy: Disorders of Development
Naveena Singh
2. Vulvovaginal Infections
Pratistadevi K. Ramdial, Eduardo Calonje
3. Noninfectious Dermatoses of the Vulva
Boštjan Luzar, Eduardo Calonje

Resnick, Stella - The Heart of Desire: Keys to the Pleasures of Love, ebook

The Heart of Desire: Keys to the Pleasures of Love

Resnick, Stella


Enjoy more sexual pleasure in your love relationshipHow can you keep sexual desire alive over the long term? More and more people are finding it difficult to maintain a relationship that is both emotionally and sexually gratifying. In a book that will…

Hallscheidt, Peter - Urogenitale Bildgebung, ebook

Urogenitale Bildgebung

Hallscheidt, Peter


Table of contents
1. Niere
P Hallscheidt, A Haferkamp
2. Oberer Harntrakt
Th Meindl, UG Müller-Lisse
3. Harnblase
Th Meindl, UG Müller-Lisse
4. Urethra
A Haferkamp
5. Nebenniere
SA Schwab, M Uder
6. Prostata und Samenblasen
P Zamecnik, UG Müller-Lisse, H-PW Schlemmer
7. Hoden

Henry, Claire - Revisionist Rape-Revenge, ebook

Revisionist Rape-Revenge

Henry, Claire


The Postfeminist Trap of Vagina Dentata for the American Teen Castratrice
Claire Henry
4. Rape, Racism, and Descent into the Ethical Quagmire of Revenge
Claire Henry
5. The Shame of Male Acolytes: Negotiating Gender and Sexuality Through Rape-Revenge

Batt, Ronald E. - A History of Endometriosis, ebook

A History of Endometriosis

Batt, Ronald E.


Adenomyomas of Vagina, Rectum, Sigmoid Colon, and Ovary
Ronald E. Batt
7. Distribution of Pelvic and Abdominal Adenomyomas
Ronald E. Batt
8. Sampson’s Theory of Implantation Endometriosis
Ronald E. Batt
9. Life History of Ovarian Endometriomas

Scheffel, Hans - Praxisbuch MRT Abdomen und Becken, ebook

Praxisbuch MRT Abdomen und Becken

Scheffel, Hans


MR Vagina, Uterus und Adnexe
Sonja Kirchhoff
13. Beckenmessung
Cäcilia S. Reiner
14. Pädiatrisches Abdomen
David Bonekamp, Thierry A.G.M. Huisman
15. Abdominale Notfälle
Hatem Alkadhi, Johannes T. Heverhagen

Carmen, Marcela del - Uncommon Gynecologic Cancers, ebook

Uncommon Gynecologic Cancers

Carmen, Marcela del


Rare gynecological cancers kill all too commonly
Gynecological cancer is a frightening prospect for women. It is terrifying also for physicians who need, but often can’t find, guidance on how to investigate and appropriately treat the tumors. Rare cancers provide greater challenges as information can be harder to find