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Verne, Jules - Two Years' Vacation, ebook

Two Years' Vacation

Verne, Jules


What about an unexpected two years' vacation on a desert island? It may sound appealing from nowadays perspective. But when a marooned ship drifts to sea with nobody but a group of young boys on board, things does not seem as promising as expected. The ship is caught by a storm and the boys

Haeseler, Buck - My whole life was a vacation, ebook

My whole life was a vacation

Haeseler, Buck


For the seasoned traveler as well as the casual reader, My Whole Life Was a Vacation: A Chronicle of Forty Years in the Travel Business describes the exciting adventures of travel. A travel agent from North Tonawanda, NY (near Buffalo), Buck is a graduate of Valparaiso

Treadwell, Timothy - Astronomy Adventures and Vacations, ebook

Astronomy Adventures and Vacations

Treadwell, Timothy


Table of contents
Part I. Astronomy
1. Telescope Shops and Astronomy Shows
Timothy Treadwell
2. Planetaria and Science Museums
Timothy Treadwell
3. In Search of Dark Skies
Timothy Treadwell
4. Star Parties
Timothy Treadwell

Staha, Vera - Finland through the eyes of a foreigner, ebook

Finland through the eyes of a foreigner

Staha, Vera


Finland through the eyes of a foreigner is a collection of short stories and photographs from my travels. It is all about exploring Finland, discovering new places, and visiting interesting events. This book is not just informative but entertaining as…

He, Symon - Airbnb For Dummies, ebook

Airbnb For Dummies

He, Symon


Make extra money—and your guests extra happy—with Airbnb! 
You’ve got that spare tower, mansion, apartment, couch, or perhaps even treehouse (really—there are more than 2,400 treehouses listed on Airbnb). You’re a polite, clean, and tolerant…

B, Malva - Desire 12: Roleplay, ebook

Desire 12: Roleplay

B, Malva


"Hanna sticks her hand into his briefs and massages. The sweet smell of sex spreads as she removes his last piece of clothing. He lies before her, naked and defenseless. She is filled with a feeling of control as he swells in her hand. She strokes his…

Kelly, Paul - The Name Game, ebook

The Name Game

Kelly, Paul


They travel every year on the continent, taking their annual vacation and on this particular occasion they decide to take their niece ROSIE with them, since Rosie's mother has recently died and Ellie and Marge want to show their appreciation for the way she cared

Pope, Harry - Hotel Secrets, ebook

Hotel Secrets

Pope, Harry


Harry was happily running a risk-free seaside Bed & Breakfast when a good friend approached him. “How do you fancy joining forces on a much larger hotel?” he was asked. So what would YOU do? The two friends and their wives bought a beautiful 28-bedroom…