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Mitasova, Helena - Open Source GIS, ebook

Open Source GIS

Mitasova, Helena


Table of contents
1. Open Source software and GIS
Markus Neteler, Helena Mitasova
2. GIS concepts
Markus Neteler, Helena Mitasova
3. Getting started with GRASS
Markus Neteler, Helena Mitasova
4. GRASS data models and data exchange
Markus Neteler, Helena Mitasova
5. Working with raster data

Huebner, Ewa - Open Source Software for Digital Forensics, ebook

Open Source Software for Digital Forensics

Huebner, Ewa


The Case for Open Source Software in Digital Forensics
Stefano Zanero, Ewa Huebner
2. Computer Forensics Education – the Open Source Approach
Ewa Huebner, Derek Bem, Hon Cheung
3. Virtual Machine for Computer Forensics – the Open Source Perspective

Culpan, Refik - Open Innovation through Strategic Alliances, ebook

Open Innovation through Strategic Alliances

Culpan, Refik


Relational Drivers of Open Innovation Alliances in Biochemistry
Emiel F. M. Wubben, Andre Meijeren, Vincent Blok
5. Open Innovation and Internationalization Behavior: The Case of Spanish Firms
Ana M. Moreno-Menéndez, Jose C. Casillas
6. Accessing Innovation

Lu, Qian - From Partisan Banking to Open Access, ebook

From Partisan Banking to Open Access

Lu, Qian


Table of contents
1. Was the US Born Modern?
Qian Lu
2. The History of Partisan Banking
Qian Lu
3. Empirical Studies on Bankers, Legislators, and Political Parties, 1790–1859
Qian Lu
4. Empirical Studies on Political Connection of Suffolk Legislators, 1790–1859
Qian Lu
5. Empirical Studies

Elia, Gianluca - Open Networked "i-Learning", ebook

Open Networked "i-Learning"

Elia, Gianluca


The Emergence of the Open Networked “i-Learning” Model
Gianluca Elia
2. i-Communities as Cooperative Learning Spaces: The Case of the “Knowledge Forum”
Antonella Poce
3. Problem-Based Learning in Web Environments: The Case of “Virtual eBMS”

Maurer, Daniel - Crisis, Agency, and Law in US Civil-Military Relations, ebook

Crisis, Agency, and Law in US Civil-Military Relations

Maurer, Daniel


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Daniel Maurer
2. The Opening Statement
Daniel Maurer
3. The Case-In-Chief: What the Law Does (Not) Say
Daniel Maurer
4. The Expert Witnesses: A Cross-Examination
Daniel Maurer
5. The Expert Witnesses: The Fingerprints of Agency
Daniel Maurer
6. The