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Ireland, Brian - The US Military in Hawai‘i, ebook

The US Military in Hawai‘i

Ireland, Brian


Table of contents
1. War Stories: A Militarized History of Hawai‘i
Brian Ireland
2. Remembering and Forgetting at Waikīkī’s Great War Memorial
Brian Ireland
3. ‘Unknown Soldiers’: Remembering Hawai‘i’s Great War Dead

Bradford, James C. - A Companion to American Military History, ebook

A Companion to American Military History

Bradford, James C.


With more than 60 essays, A Companion to American Military History presents a comprehensive analysis of the historiography of United States military history from the colonial era to the present. Covers the entire spectrum of US

Bennison, Mark S. - Military Rule, ebook

Military Rule

Bennison, Mark S.


The military, headed by a power-crazed general, have other ideas about the fate of the nation and are prepared to seize control at any cost and establish a dictatorship. Their answer: military rule for America and subsequently

Renz, Bettina - Russia's Military Revival, ebook

Russia's Military Revival

Renz, Bettina


The capabilities and efficiency of Moscow’s armed forces during both operations signalled to the world that Russia was back in business as a significant military actor on the international stage.
In this cutting-edge study, Bettina Renz provides an in-depth and

Bennison, Mark S. - Military Rule: The Return of the Manderville, ebook

Military Rule: The Return of the Manderville

Bennison, Mark S.


A writer uses his imagination to create intriguing characters and a gripping storyline, and author Mark had achieved this in creating his debut novel, Military Rule. But the boundary between imagination and reality is challenged beyond all belief when a character supposedly killed off in

Fonseca, Brian - The New US Security Agenda, ebook

The New US Security Agenda

Fonseca, Brian


Cybersecurity in the US: Major Trends and Challenges
Brian Fonseca, Jonathan D. Rosen
5. Countering Violent Extremism and Terrorism
Brian Fonseca, Jonathan D. Rosen
6. Energy and Environmental Security
Brian Fonseca, Jonathan D. Rosen
7. The