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Alvares, Lucia  Capanema - Urban Public Spaces, ebook

Urban Public Spaces

Alvares, Lucia Capanema


A Multidimensional Frame for Analyzing Urban Public Spaces Policies and Politics
Lucia Capanema Alvares, Jorge Luiz Barbosa
Part I. About People
2. The Power of the Body in Public Space:

Cardoso, Ana Claudia Duarte - Emerging Urban Spaces, ebook

Emerging Urban Spaces

Cardoso, Ana Claudia Duarte


The Ecumenical ‘Right to the City’: Urban Commons and Intersectional Enclosures in Athens and Istanbul
Charalampos Tsavdaroglou
3. Emerging Urban Indigenous Spaces in Bolivia: A

Kemp, Susan P. - The Paradox of Urban Space, ebook

The Paradox of Urban Space

Kemp, Susan P.


The Ultimate Team Sport?: Urban Waterways and Youth Rowing in Seattle
Anne Taufen Wessells
5. Recognizing the Lived Experience of Place: Challenges to Genuine Participation in Redeveloping Public Housing Communities
Lynne C. Manzo
6. Beyond Insiders

DiFrancesco, Maria C. - Gender in Spanish Urban Spaces, ebook

Gender in Spanish Urban Spaces

DiFrancesco, Maria C.


The Spaces of Patriarchy in Rafael Chirbes’s En la orilla (2013)
Olga Bezhanova
4. Marking Territory: Violence and Hypermasculinity in Ramon Térmens and Carles Torras’s Joves (2004)
Antoni Maestre-Brotons
5. Home and Sexuality: Queering the Notions

Coelen, Thomas - Education, Space and Urban Planning, ebook

Education, Space and Urban Planning

Coelen, Thomas


Common Points Between Urban Development and Education
Thomas Coelen, Anna Juliane Heinrich, Angela Million
Part I. Schools and the Neighbourhood
2. Reflections on the Relationship Between Schools and the City
Otto Seydel
3. Schools and Education

Dobbins, Michael - Urban Design and People, ebook

Urban Design and People

Dobbins, Michael


This introduction to the field of urban design offers a comprehensive survey of the processes necessary to implement urban design work, explaining the vocabulary, the rules, the tools, the structures, and the resources in clear and accessible style.

Brenner, Neil - State/Space: A Reader, ebook

State/Space: A Reader

Brenner, Neil


This groundbreaking, interdisciplinary volume brings together diverse analyses of state space in historical and contemporary capitalism.
The first volume to present an accessible yet challenging overview of the changing geographies of state power under capitalism. A unique, interdisciplinary