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Phillippo, Kate - Advisory in Urban High Schools, ebook

Advisory in Urban High Schools

Phillippo, Kate


Advisor Role Structure: How Schools Support or Undermine Expanded Teacher Roles
Kate Phillippo
4. Consistency and Variation in Teachers’ Implementation of the Advisor Role
Kate Phillippo
5. The Toolbox and How Teachers Used It: Individual Characteristics

Payzant, Tom - Urban School Leadership, ebook

Urban School Leadership

Payzant, Tom


This important book, written by educational expert and urban school leader, Tom Payzant, offers a realistic understanding of what urban school leadership looks like from the inside. Payzant shares his first-hand knowledge of the unique managerial, instructional,

Riaz, Sanaa - New Islamic Schools, ebook

New Islamic Schools

Riaz, Sanaa


Table of contents
1. Introduction: Understanding Tradition, Modernity, and Class in Islamic Education
Sanaa Riaz
2. Situating the Islamic Schooling Trend in Pakistan
Sanaa Riaz
3. The Educational System in Pakistan and the Place of…

Frank, Andrea I. - Urban Planning Education, ebook

Urban Planning Education

Frank, Andrea I.


Planning Paradigm Shift in the Era of Transition from Urban Development to Management: The Case of Korea
Mack Joong Choi, Yoon-jung Kim
12. Development of Planning Education in Postcommunist Poland
Izabela Mironowicz
13. Advancing Education for Planning

Coelen, Thomas - Education, Space and Urban Planning, ebook

Education, Space and Urban Planning

Coelen, Thomas


Common Points Between Urban Development and Education
Thomas Coelen, Anna Juliane Heinrich, Angela Million
Part I. Schools and the Neighbourhood
2. Reflections on the Relationship Between Schools and the City

Powers, Jeanne M. - Charter Schools, ebook

Charter Schools

Powers, Jeanne M.


Introduction: Charter Schools in the Reform Imagination
Jeanne M. Powers
2. Mapping the Terrain of Charter School Reform
Jeanne M. Powers
3. State Level Policy Action
Jeanne M. Powers
4. School Level Implementation: Charter School Reform “On