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Gatrell, Jay D. - Urban Sustainability: Policy and Praxis, ebook

Urban Sustainability: Policy and Praxis

Gatrell, Jay D.


Best Practices for Urban Hyperspectral Remote Sensing Data Acquisition and Processing
Vijay Lulla, Ryan R. Jensen
5. Thermal Neighborhoods, Socioeconomic Characteristics, and Urban Quality of Life: Examining Humanity’s

Booth, Colin A. - Urban Pollution: Science and Management, ebook

Urban Pollution: Science and Management

Booth, Colin A.


Multidisciplinary treatment of the urgent issues surrounding urban pollution worldwide 
Written by some of the top experts on the subject in the world, this book presents the diverse, complex and current themes of the urban pollution debate across

Allen, Adriana - Urban Water Trajectories, ebook

Urban Water Trajectories

Allen, Adriana


Dividing the Waters: Urban Growth, City Life and Water Management in Amsterdam 1100–2000
Cornelis Disco
2. TOXI-CITY: Protecting World-Class Drinking Water
Emma Jones
3. Reading Urban Futures Through Their Blue

Blokland, Talja - Community as Urban Practice, ebook

Community as Urban Practice

Blokland, Talja


Community is a central idea in urban studies but remains conceptually vague and empirically difficult to work with. Building on existing theories of community, Talja Blokland offers an important contribution to defining and understanding this key theme.
Blokland argues that there has

Rauch, Sébastien - Urban Environment, ebook

Urban Environment

Rauch, Sébastien


Urban Management and Spatial Planning
1. Overview of Material and Energy Flows in Water Infrastructures in Context of Urban Metabolism
Eve Menger-Krug, Jutta Niederste-Hollenberg, Thomas Hillenbrand
2. Improvement of the Statutory Framework for Construction

Sandercock, Leonie - Multimedia Explorations in Urban Policy and Planning, ebook

Multimedia Explorations in Urban Policy and Planning

Sandercock, Leonie


Table of contents
1. Film Works Wonders: Analysis, History and Town Plan United in a Single Representation
Leonardo Ciacci
2. From the Campfire to the Computer: An Epistemology of Multiplicity and the Story Turn in Planning
Leonie Sandercock
3. Beyond the Flatlands: Digital Ethnographies in the Planning Field

Henneberry, John - Transience and Permanence in Urban Development, ebook

Transience and Permanence in Urban Development

Henneberry, John


Temporary urban uses – innovative ways to transform cities or new means to old ends?
The scale and variety of temporary – or meanwhile or interim – urban uses and spaces has grown rapidly in response to the dramatic increase in vacant and derelict

Alvares, Lucia  Capanema - Urban Public Spaces, ebook

Urban Public Spaces

Alvares, Lucia Capanema


A Multidimensional Frame for Analyzing Urban Public Spaces Policies and Politics
Lucia Capanema Alvares, Jorge Luiz Barbosa
Part I. About People
2. The Power of the Body in Public Space: The Urban as a Deprivation of