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Dubbeling, Marielle - Rooftop Urban Agriculture, ebook

Rooftop Urban Agriculture

Dubbeling, Marielle


Integrating Rooftop Agriculture into Urban Infrastructure
M. Gorgolewski, V. Straka
Part III. Rooftop Agriculture Management
9. Water Management and Irrigation Systems
Ioannis L. Tsirogiannis, Francesco Orsini,

Fujiwara, Kazuhiro - LED Lighting for Urban Agriculture, ebook

LED Lighting for Urban Agriculture

Fujiwara, Kazuhiro


Integrated Urban Controlled Environment Agriculture Systems
K. C. Ting, Tao Lin, Paul C. Davidson
3. Open-Source Agriculture Initiative—Food for the Future?
Caleb Harper
Part II. Plant Growth and Development as

Mann, Stefan - The Future of Mountain Agriculture, ebook

The Future of Mountain Agriculture

Mann, Stefan


Conservation Agriculture in the Andean Highlands: Promise and Precautions
Jeffrey Alwang, George W. Norton, Victor Barrera, Ruben Botello
4. Enhancing Crop Diversity and Livelihood Security in the Andes Through the Emergence of Agricultural Innovation Systems

Lichtfouse, Eric - Sustainable Agriculture, ebook

Sustainable Agriculture

Lichtfouse, Eric


Bacillus thuringiensis: Applications in Agriculture and Insect Resistance Management – A Review
Vincent Sanchis, Denis Bourguet
17. Genetically Modified Glyphosate-Tolerant Soybean in the USA: Adoption Factors, Impacts and Prospects – A Review

Keremane, Ganesh - Governance of Urban Wastewater Reuse for Agriculture, ebook

Governance of Urban Wastewater Reuse for Agriculture

Keremane, Ganesh


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Ganesh Keremane
2. Urban Wastewater Reuse—A Common Reality
Ganesh Keremane
3. Water Governance and Wastewater Reuse in Australia and India
Ganesh Keremane
4. Theoretical Framework
Ganesh Keremane
5. Study Design and Methods
Ganesh Keremane
6. Public–Private

Nandwani, Dilip - Organic Farming for Sustainable Agriculture, ebook

Organic Farming for Sustainable Agriculture

Nandwani, Dilip


Organic Agriculture: A Viable Option for Food Security and Livelihood Sustainability in Nepal
Khem Raj Dahal, Krishna Prasad Sharma, Dila Ram Bhandari, Basu Dev Regmi, Dilip Nandwani
8. The Potential of Silvopastoral Systems for Milk and Meat Organic Production

Alberti, Marina - Urban Ecology, ebook

Urban Ecology

Alberti, Marina


Urban Ecology as an Interdisciplinary Field: Differences in the use of “Urban” Between the Social and Natural Sciences
Nancy E. McIntyre, K. Knowles-Yánez, D. Hope
Section II. Conceptual Foundations of Urban Ecology
5. The Growth of the City: An Introduction