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Mengersen, Kerrie - Mixture: Estimation and Applications, ebook

Mixture: Estimation and Applications

Mengersen, Kerrie


This book uses the EM (expectation maximization) algorithm to simultaneously estimate the missing data and unknown parameter(s) associated with a data set. The parameters describe the component distributions of the mixture; the distributions may

Bagrintseva, Ksenia I. - Carbonate Reservoir Rocks, ebook

Carbonate Reservoir Rocks

Bagrintseva, Ksenia I.


These factors include the structural complexity of the carbonate complexes, variability of the reservoir rock types and properties within a particular deposit, many unknowns in the evaluation of fracturing and its spatial variability, and the preservation of the reservoir

Evans, Merran - Statistical Distributions, ebook

Statistical Distributions

Evans, Merran

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Reflecting the latest changes and trends in statistical distribution theory, the Fourth Edition features:A new chapter on queuing formulas that discusses standard formulas that often arise from simple queuing systemsMethods for extending independent modeling schemes to the dependent case, covering techniques

Fan, Xuetong - Food Irradiation Research and Technology, ebook

Food Irradiation Research and Technology

Fan, Xuetong


Yet the potential health benefits of irradiation are unknown to many consumers and food industry representatives who are wary of irradiated foods due to myth-information from “consumer-advocate” groups. 
This updated second edition of Food Irradiation Research

Trüeb, Ralph M. - Aging Hair, ebook

Aging Hair

Trüeb, Ralph M.


Hair Growth Parameters in Pre- and Postmenopausal Women
Paradi Mirmirani, Fangyi Luo, Scott R. Youngquist, Brian K. Fisher, James Li, John Oblong, Thomas L. Dawson
7. Comparative Histopathology of Androgenetic Alopecia, Diffuse Alopecia, and Senescent Alopecia