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Hall, Alvin D. - Getting Started in Mutual Funds, ebook

Getting Started in Mutual Funds

Hall, Alvin D.


A fresh look at the ever-changing world of mutual funds
Like all investment instruments, mutual funds continue to evolve. In the last decade however, there has been plenty of change, including market capitalization, the introduction of new types of

Razafitombo, Hery - Understanding Investment Funds, ebook

Understanding Investment Funds

Razafitombo, Hery


Hedge Funds Risk-adjusted Performance Evaluation: A Fuzzy Set Theory-Based Approach
Alfred M. Mbairadjim, Jules Sadefo Kamdem, Michel Terraza
Part II. Advanced Risk Analyses and Modeling
5. Hedge Funds Risk Measurement

Lofton, Todd - Getting Started in Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs), ebook

Getting Started in Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs)

Lofton, Todd


Anyone who is contemplating investing in stocks or mutual funds should check out his easy-to-understand explanation of ETFs, how to use them, and how they can play a valuable role in an investment portfolio."
-- Darrell Jobman,

Alhabeeb, M. J. - Mathematical Finance, ebook

Mathematical Finance

Alhabeeb, M. J.


Subsequent chapters explore the mathematical aspects of various financial scenarios, including:
Mortgage debt, leasing, and credit and loans
Capital budgeting, depreciation, and depletion
Break-even analysis and leverage
Investing, with coverage of stocks, bonds, mutual