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Caruso, Charlie - Understanding Y, ebook

Understanding Y

Caruso, Charlie


The ultimate expose of the Misunderstood Millennials
Understanding Y is a fresh and incisive book that offers a better understanding, appreciation and awareness of the Millennial generation. In this groundbreaking work, author Charlie Caruso has amassed a diverse array of papers, articles

Mansfield, Michael - Understanding Physics, ebook

Understanding Physics

Mansfield, Michael

From 196,15€

Understanding Physics– Second edition is a comprehensive, yet compact, introductory physics textbook aimed at physics undergraduates and also at engineers and other scientists taking a general physics course. Written with today's students in mind, this text covers the core material

Holtzschue, Linda - Understanding Color: An Introduction for Designers, ebook

Understanding Color: An Introduction for Designers

Holtzschue, Linda


Understanding Color is an essential resource for those needing to become proficient in color for business applications. The peerless treatment of this critical subject is beautifully illustrated with real-world

Lindley, Dennis V. - Understanding Uncertainty, ebook

Understanding Uncertainty

Lindley, Dennis V.


” —Journal of Applied Statistics
The critically acclaimed First Edition of Understanding Uncertainty provided a study of uncertainty addressed to scholars in all fields, showing that uncertainty could be measured by probability, and that

Tilley, Richard J. D. - Understanding Solids: The Science of Materials, ebook

Understanding Solids: The Science of Materials

Tilley, Richard J. D.


The book is carefully structured into self-contained bite-sized chapters to enhance student understanding and questions have been designed to reinforce the concepts presented.
The supplementary website includes Powerpoint slides and a host of additional problems

Moncrieffe, Karen - Understanding Myths and Legends, ebook

Understanding Myths and Legends

Moncrieffe, Karen


Understanding Myths and Legends contains 27 stories from different countries around the World, ranging from Perseus and Medusa from Ancient Greece to an Indian legend on how the Peacock got his glorious feathers. These exciting stories are full of fearsome monsters, brave heroes and magical

Markham, Ian S. - Understanding Christian Doctrine, ebook

Understanding Christian Doctrine

Markham, Ian S.


The comprehensive and engaging introduction to contemporary Christianity, revised and updated
The second edition of Understanding Christian Doctrine presents a completely updated and revised edition that builds on the most popular features of the first edition to offer a lively overview