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Montgomery, Diane - Able, Gifted and Talented Underachievers, ebook

Able, Gifted and Talented Underachievers

Montgomery, Diane


A practical guide to identifying gifted underachievers and enabling them to fulfil their potential, raising whole school standards. Extensive new content includes the latest best practice in addressing able underachievement Explains the origins of underachievement, both overt and covert,

Hartley, Simon - Could I Do That, ebook

Could I Do That

Hartley, Simon


Yes you can!
Hands up who feels like a completely inadequate underachiever whenever you hear about someone’s great achievement. When someone in the office is off cycling around the world, or someone on TV has just launched a great new business which will save the planet? Most of

Dueck, Gunter - Platons grotesker Irrtum, ebook

Platons grotesker Irrtum

Dueck, Gunter


DD24: Overdemanding Underachiever (Oktober 2006)
Gunter Dueck
25. DD25: Wegelagerer im Hotelzimmer (Oktober 2006)
Gunter Dueck
26. DD26: Keine Richter, nur Henker (Oktober 2006)
Gunter Dueck
27. DD27: Die Abtötung des Handlungsreisenden (November