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Adiseshiah, Siân - Twenty-First Century Fiction, ebook

Twenty-First Century Fiction

Adiseshiah, Siân


Remaindered Books: Glen Duncan’s Twenty-First Century Novels
Alice Bennett
6. ‘The journey creates us. We become the frontiers we cross’: Stepping Across Lines in Salman Rushdie’s

Nally, Claire - Twenty-first Century Feminism, ebook

Twenty-first Century Feminism

Nally, Claire


Big Sister TV: Bossiness, Bullying and Banter in Early Twenty-first Century Make-over Television
Angela Smith
4. Boredom and Reinvention for the Female Gaze Within Personal Fashion

Guo, Sujian - China in the Twenty-First Century, ebook

China in the Twenty-First Century

Guo, Sujian


Table of contents
1. What Do the Chinese Intellectual Elites Expect for China in the New Millennium?
Shiping Hua, Sujian Guo
Part I. Political Reforms
2. Statecraft in an Era of Change: Building a Harmonious Society
Weixing Chen

Forstater, Mathew - Keynes for the Twenty-First Century, ebook

Keynes for the Twenty-First Century

Forstater, Mathew


Table of contents
1. Introduction
L. Randall Wray
Part I. The Keynesian Revolution
2. Keynes and Persuasion
Maria Cristina Marcuzzo
3. Leon H. Keyserling, American Keynesian
W. Robert Brazelton
4. How Keynes Came to Canada

Gregory, Elizabeth - Twenty-First Century Marianne Moore, ebook

Twenty-First Century Marianne Moore

Gregory, Elizabeth


“The First Grace of Style”: Marianne Moore and the Writing of Dancing
Aurore Clavier
13. “Passion for the Particular”: Marianne Moore, Henry James, Beatrix Potter, and the Refuge of Close Reading
Zachary Finch
14. Is Andy Warhol Marianne Moore?