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Levine, Lynn A. - Frommer's<sup>&#174;</sup> Turkey, ebook

Frommer's® Turkey

Levine, Lynn A.


Frommer's Turkey, 6th Edition explores the highlights of a country that is an amazing and diverse treasure trove of architectural styles and ancient ruins. You'll learn how to navigate the chaotic bustle of Istanbul, buy a rug and get the best deal, find the best undiscovered ruins, and

Atkinson, Brett - Lonely Planet Turkey, ebook

Lonely Planet Turkey

Atkinson, Brett


Lonely Planet Turkey is your passport to the most relevant, up-to-date advice on what to see and skip, and what hidden discoveries await you. Bath in a hammam; explore chaotic and colourful bazaars; or hot air balloon over Cappadocia's honeycomb landscape; all with your trusted travel companion.

Sanders, Otto Liman von - Five Years in Turkey, ebook

Five Years in Turkey

Sanders, Otto Liman von


He was a cavalry officer who was commanding the German 22nd Division in Cassel when, in June 1913, he was offered the post of Chief of a German Military Mission in Turkey: he accepted and took up his post in December of that year and took over command of the Turkish

Joseph, Joseph S. - Turkey and the European Union, ebook

Turkey and the European Union

Joseph, Joseph S.


Introduction: Turkey at the Threshold of the European Union
Joseph S. Joseph
2. The Economic Dimension of Turkey’s EU Membership: A Stock-Taking Exercise at the Start of Accession Negotiations
Mehmet Ugur
3. Between

Jørgensen, Knud Erik - Turkey and the European Union, ebook

Turkey and the European Union

Jørgensen, Knud Erik


What Can Turkey Learn From Previous Accession Negotiations?
An Schrijvers
4. Reinventing Europe? Turkey, European Union Accession and Europeanization
Kenneth Dyson
5. Europeanization, Democratization and Human Rights

Seib, Philip - Turkey’s Public Diplomacy, ebook

Turkey’s Public Diplomacy

Seib, Philip


Introduction: Why Turkey’s Public Diplomacy Matters
B. Senem Çevik, Philip Seib
2. Turkey’s Public Diplomacy: Its Actors, Stakeholders, and Tools
Gaye Asli Sancar
3. Historical Perspective: Ottomans and the Republican Era
Vedat Demir

Kramer, Annika - Turkey's Water Policy, ebook

Turkey's Water Policy

Kramer, Annika


Challenges for Turkey to Implement the EU Water Framework Directive
Vakur Sumer, Cagri Muluk
4. Water for Energy: Hydropower is Vital for Turkey
Zekai Sen
5. Liberalization of Turkey’s Hydroelectricity Sector

Akkaymak, Güliz - Neoliberal Transformation of Education in Turkey, ebook

Neoliberal Transformation of Education in Turkey

Akkaymak, Güliz


The Political Economy of Education in Turkey: State, Labor, and Capital under AKP Rule
Gamze Yücesan-Özdemir, Ali Murat Özdemir
2. The Educational Politics of the AKP: The Collapse of Public Education in Turkey
Kemal İnal
II. Reforms, Finance, and

Yilmaz, Battal - The Presidential System in Turkey, ebook

The Presidential System in Turkey

Yilmaz, Battal


Historical Background of the Presidential System in Turkey and a General Assessment of the Proposed Justice and Development Party’s Presidential System
Battal Yilmaz
4. Presidential Government System in Turkey
Battal Yilmaz
5. Conclusion

Örnek, Cangül - Turkey in the Cold War, ebook

Turkey in the Cold War

Örnek, Cangül


Introduction: Turkey’s Cold War: Global Influences, Local Manifestations
Cangül Örnek, Çağdaş Üngör
Part I. Propoganda and Discourse
2. Cold War in the Pulpit: The Presidency of Religious Affairs and Sermons during the Time of Anarchy and Communist