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Atkinson, Brett - Lonely Planet Italy, ebook

Lonely Planet Italy

Atkinson, Brett


Get to the heart of Italy and begin your journey now!
Inside Lonely Planet's Italy: NEW pull-out, passport-size 'Just Landed' card with wi-fi, ATM and transport info - all you need for a smooth journey from airport to hotel Improved planning tools for family travellers - where to go, how to save money,

Prince, Danforth - Frommer's<sup>&#174;</sup> Italy 2009, ebook

Frommer's® Italy 2009

Prince, Danforth


America’s #1 bestselling travel series
Written by more than 175 outspoken travelers around the globe, Frommer’s Complete Guides help travelers experience places the way locals do. More annually updated guides than any other series 16-page…

Hilwig, Stuart J. - Italy and 1968, ebook

Italy and 1968

Hilwig, Stuart J.


The Case of Turin I: Defending the Ivory Tower
Stuart J. Hilwig
4. The Case of Turin II: A City Reacts from Precinct to Parish
Stuart J. Hilwig
5. The National Dimension I: Constructing an Image of Protest

Fabbri, Kristian - Historic Indoor Microclimate of the Heritage Buildings, ebook

Historic Indoor Microclimate of the Heritage Buildings

Fabbri, Kristian


Table of contents
1. Architecture and Indoor Microclimate
Marco Pretelli, Kristian Fabbri
2. Indoor Microclimate
Kristian Fabbri
3. Historic Indoor Microclimate
Marco Pretelli, Kristian Fabbri
4. The Study of Historic Indoor Microclimate
Kristian Fabbri
5. The Investigation
Leila Signorelli

 - Nexus Network Journal, ebook

Nexus Network Journal


Guarino Guarini’s Chapel of the Holy Shroud in Turin: Open Questions, Possible Solutions
Sylvie Duvernoy
11. Zero Gravity. Franco Albini. Costruire le Modernità
Kay Bea Jones

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Casnati, Gianfranco - From Classical to Modern Algebraic Geometry, ebook

From Classical to Modern Algebraic Geometry

Casnati, Gianfranco


Corrado Segre’ Leadership: From Turin to the International Scene
1. Segre’s University Courses and the Blossoming of the Italian School of Algebraic Geometry
Alberto Conte, Livia Giacardi
2. Corrado Segre and His Disciples: the Construction of an International

Ciravegna, Luciano - Sustaining Industrial Competitiveness after the Crisis, ebook

Sustaining Industrial Competitiveness after the Crisis

Ciravegna, Luciano


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Luciano Ciravegna
2. The Automotive Industry After the Crisis: Where Does Europe Stand?
Matteo Ferrazzi
3. The Crisis from a Supply Chain Perspective: The Case of the Italian Automotive Suppliers
Francesco Zirpoli, Andrea Stocchetti, Elena Scattola
4. The Toyota Way

Orgill, Dennis P. - Interventional Treatment of Wounds, ebook

Interventional Treatment of Wounds

Orgill, Dennis P.


Turin, Eric Robert Zielinski, Robert D. Galiano
Part II. Interventional Techniques
14. Arterial Diagnostics
Kaspar Trocha, Samir K. Shah
15. Minimally Invasive Arterial Interventions for Wounds
Dean J. Arnaoutakis, Edwin C. Gravereaux
16. Endovascular