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Lovecraft, H. P. - The Tree, ebook

The Tree

Lovecraft, H. P.


Kalos and Musides are two Greek sculptors who are asked to sculpt statues for a competition. But while they are preparing their statues, something terrible happens - Kalos becomes ill. As the two of them are very good friends, the sickness of Kalos makes…

Hirvensalo, Ulla - The Memory of Tree, ebook

The Memory of Tree

Hirvensalo, Ulla


The Memory of Tree is "science fiction”. Main task is to find information (vibrations) from annual rings. the Spearhead cluster (Keihäänkärkiklusteri) started and financed the project Secrets open. The Leader of the group is Berit, information scientist (Biolnformation). Other members

Goldstein, Guillermo - Tropical Tree Physiology, ebook

Tropical Tree Physiology

Goldstein, Guillermo


Hemiepiphytic Trees: Ficus as a Model System for Understanding Hemiepiphytism
Guang-You Hao, Kun-Fang Cao, Guillermo Goldstein
2. Ecophysiology and Crassulacean Acid Metabolism of Tropical Epiphytes
Katia Silvera, Eloisa Lasso
3. Stem-Succulent

Trees, Harry L. Van - Detection, Estimation, and Modulation Theory, ebook

Detection, Estimation, and Modulation Theory

Trees, Harry L. Van


Highly readable paperback reprint of one of the great time-tested classics in the field of signal processing Together with the reprint of Part III and the new Part IV, this will be the most complete treatment of the subject available As imperative…

Pirttilä, Anna Maria - Endophytes of Forest Trees, ebook

Endophytes of Forest Trees

Pirttilä, Anna Maria


Endophytic Bacteria in Tree Shoot Tissues and Their Effects on Host
Anna Maria Pirttilä
9. Growth-Promoting Endophytic Fungi of Forest Trees
Sharon Lafferty Doty
10. The Endophytic Trichoderma hamatum Isolate DIS 219b Enhances Seedling Growth and Delays

Kallarackal, Jose - Tree Pollination Under Global Climate Change, ebook

Tree Pollination Under Global Climate Change

Kallarackal, Jose


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Fernando Ramírez, Jose Kallarackal
2. Cool, Warm Temperatures and Tree Pollination
Fernando Ramírez, Jose Kallarackal
3. Precipitation, Flooding and Pollination
Fernando Ramírez, Jose Kallarackal
4. Droughts and Pollination
Fernando Ramírez, Jose Kallarackal