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Avenhaus, Rudolf - Verifying Treaty Compliance, ebook

Verifying Treaty Compliance

Avenhaus, Rudolf


Arms Control and Non-Proliferation Treaties: An Ontology of Concepts and Characteristics
André Poucet
4. International Atomic Energy Agency Safeguards under the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons: Challenges

Linderfalk, Ulf - On The Interpretation of Treaties, ebook

On The Interpretation of Treaties

Linderfalk, Ulf


The Special Rule Regarding the Interpretation of Treaties Authenticated In Two Or More Languages
Ulf Linderfalk
12. Reflecting on the Outcome: International Law on a Scale Between Radical Legal SkepticismAnd The One-Right-Answer Thesis
Ulf Linderfalk

Blanke, Hermann-Josef - The Treaty on European Union (TEU), ebook

The Treaty on European Union (TEU)

Blanke, Hermann-Josef


Article 48 [Treaty Revision Procedures]
Hermann-Josef Blanke, Stelio Mangiameli
50. Article 49 [Accession to the Union]
Hermann-Josef Blanke, Stelio Mangiameli
51. Article 50 [Voluntary Withdrawal from the Union]
Hermann-Josef Blanke, Stelio Mangiameli

Stevens, Handley - The Life and Death of a Treaty, ebook

The Life and Death of a Treaty

Stevens, Handley


Table of contents
Part I. The Narrative
1. Chapter 1 Introduction
Handley Stevens
2. Chapter 2 The Shaping of a New Treaty
Handley Stevens
3. Chapter 3 Loosening the Straitjacket
Handley Stevens
4. Chapter 4 Strain and Stress

Gebhardt, Ronald - Deutsches Tax Treaty Overriding, ebook

Deutsches Tax Treaty Overriding

Gebhardt, Ronald


Das Phänomen Tax Treaty Overriding
Ronald Gebhardt
3. Treaty Overriding und Völkerrecht
Ronald Gebhardt
4. Rechtssystematischer Bezugsrahmen in Deutschland
Ronald Gebhardt
5. Unionsrechtlicher

Brunero, Donna - Life in Treaty Port China and Japan, ebook

Life in Treaty Port China and Japan

Brunero, Donna


Extraterritoriality and the Rule of Law in the Treaty Ports: The Malay Murder Trials of the British Supreme Court for China and Japan
Gonzalo Villalta Puig
8. “Rent-in-Perpetuity” System and Xiamen Title Deed: A Study of Sino-Anglo Land Transactions in

Dörr, Oliver - Vienna Convention on the Law of Treaties, ebook

Vienna Convention on the Law of Treaties

Dörr, Oliver


Introduction: On the Role of Treaties in the Development of International Law
Oliver Dörr, Kirsten Schmalenbach
2. Preamble
Oliver Dörr, Kirsten Schmalenbach
3. Article 1. Scope of the present Convention
Oliver Dörr, Kirsten Schmalenbach