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Hall, Rebecca E. - Treating Adolescents, ebook

Treating Adolescents

Hall, Rebecca E.


Understand disruptive behaviors and ADHD more deeply Treat anxiety, depression, and mood disorders more effectively Handle psychiatric traumas and related psychopathologies Delve into substance abuse, self-harm, eating disorders, and more
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Chew-Graham, Carolyn - ABC of Anxiety and Depression, ebook

ABC of Anxiety and Depression

Chew-Graham, Carolyn


ABC of Anxiety and Depression is a practical guide to the assessment, treatment and management of patients with anxiety and depression as they commonly present in primary care.
It begins with an introduction to views on the understanding of anxiety

LeRoith, Derek - Controversies in Treating Diabetes, ebook

Controversies in Treating Diabetes

LeRoith, Derek


Table of contents
1. Pancreas Transplantation
David E.R. Sutherland, Angelika C. Gruessner
2. Islet Cell Transplantation
Eric H. Liu, David M. Harlan
3. Metabolic Syndrome
James B. Meigs
4. Intensive Treatment and Complications of Diabetes
Vivian Fonseca, Ali Jawa
5. Treatment of Type 2 Using