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Cooper, Robert - Corporate Treasury and Cash Management, ebook

Corporate Treasury and Cash Management

Cooper, Robert


Description The book is an analysis of corporate treasury and cash management with the principal financial instruments used by the corporate treasurer. The objectives of the book are to describe how corporate treasury departments should establish a framework for the

Bragg, Steven M. - Treasury Management: The Practitioner's Guide, ebook

Treasury Management: The Practitioner's Guide

Bragg, Steven M.

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If you are a treasurer, CFO, cash manager, or controller, Treasury Management: The Practitioner's Guide allows you to quickly grasp the real world of treasury management and the many practical and strategic issues faced by treasurers

Shim, Jae K. - The Vest Pocket CFO, ebook

The Vest Pocket CFO

Shim, Jae K.


The thorough reference that goes wherever you go
The Vest Pocket CFO is the perfect up-to-date reference tool for today's busy CFO, controller, treasurer, and other finance professionals. Written in an easy Q&A format and packed with checklists, samples, and worked-out solutions

Jobman, Darrell - The Handbook of Alternative Investments, ebook

The Handbook of Alternative Investments

Jobman, Darrell


The first comprehensive guide to all types of alternative investments The Handbook of Alternative Investments is an indispensable working resource for investment managers, financial advisors, pension and endowment fund trustees, corporate treasurers, consultants, and estate planners. Authored

Ramirez, Juan - Accounting for Derivatives: Advanced Hedging under IFRS, ebook

Accounting for Derivatives: Advanced Hedging under IFRS

Ramirez, Juan


Instead, it is based on day-to-day experience, advising corporate CFOs and treasurers on sophisticated hedging strategies. It covers the most frequent hedging strategies and addresses the most pressing challenges that corporate executives find today.
The book