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Boyle, TC - The Lonely Planet Travel Anthology, ebook

The Lonely Planet Travel Anthology

Boyle, TC


Lonely Planet: The world's leading travel guide publisher A collection of great travel writing by authors from around the globe, including original stories set in Scotland, Thailand, Malaysia, Moldova, Tanzania, Austria and beyond, edited by long-term

Baldwin, Alec - Lights, Camera...Travel!, ebook

Lights, Camera...Travel!

Baldwin, Alec


Travel! Travel stories from screen storytellers including Alec Baldwin, Brooke Shields, Richard E Grant, Neil LaBute, Bruce Beresford and Sandra Bernhard. Since the ancient Greeks, actors have been society's storytellers. And ever

Ord, Melanie - Travel and Experience in Early Modern English Literature, ebook

Travel and Experience in Early Modern English Literature

Ord, Melanie


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Melanie Ord
2. Travel and Education in Roger Ascham’s The Scholemaster (1570)
Melanie Ord
3. Travel and Prodigality in John Lyly’s Euphues: The Anatomy of Wyt (1578) and Euphues and his England (1580)
Melanie Ord
4. The New Science and Travel Method

Ingelbien, Raphaël - Irish Cultures of Travel, ebook

Irish Cultures of Travel

Ingelbien, Raphaël


‘Brethren and Sisters Going Abroad’: Irish Travel Writing Beyond the Grand Tour
Raphaël Ingelbien
3. Towards ‘Mass’ Irish Tourism: Infrastructures of Travel and of Public Discourse
Raphaël Ingelbien

Edwards, Justin D - Postcolonial Travel Writing, ebook

Postcolonial Travel Writing

Edwards, Justin D


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Justin D. Edwards, Rune Graulund
2. Beyond Imperial Eyes
Claire Lindsay
3. Disturbing Naipaul’s ‘Universal Civilization’
Bidhan Roy
4. Travelling Home
Rune Graulund
5. Travel Writing and Postcoloniality
María Lourdes López Ropero
6. Decolonizing

Middeke, Martin - The Literature of Melancholia, ebook

The Literature of Melancholia

Middeke, Martin


Table of contents
1. Melancholia as a Sense of Loss: An Introduction
1. Melancholia as a Sense of Loss: An Introduction
Martin Middeke, Christina Wald
Part I. The Melancholic Tradition, Creativity and Gender: Early Modern to Eighteenth Century
2. Yet Once More: Melancholia and Amnesia in Milton’s Lycidas

Knowles, Sam - Travel Writing and the Transnational Author, ebook

Travel Writing and the Transnational Author

Knowles, Sam


Introduction: Travel Writing and Transnationalism
Sam Knowles
Part I. Travelling Out
2. Michael Ondaatje: The ‘Prodigal-Foreigner’, Reconstruction, and Transnational Boundaries
Sam Knowles
3. Vikram Seth: The Performing Wanderer and Transnational

Majeed, Javed - Autobiography, Travel and Postnational Identity, ebook

Autobiography, Travel and Postnational Identity

Majeed, Javed


Nationalism’s Travelling Autobiographies and Indian Travelogues
Javed Majeed
4. Travel and Modernity
Javed Majeed
5. A Strange and Uncharted Land
Javed Majeed
6. The Aporia of Muslim Nationalism
Javed Majeed
7. Gandhi’s Vulnerability

Swift, Jonathan - Gulliver's Travels, ebook

Gulliver's Travels

Swift, Jonathan


Written by Jonathan Swift in 1726, an Irish writer and clergyman. It immediately became a best seller and has remained so to this day. A great classic of English literature.