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Mahnicke, Rüdiger - Business Travel Management, ebook

Business Travel Management

Mahnicke, Rüdiger


Reisebüros (Travel Management Companies)
Rüdiger Mahnicke
6. Ausschreibung der OBE und von Internetportalen
Rüdiger Mahnicke
7. Wie bringe ich mein Programm an den Mann?
Rüdiger Mahnicke
8. Überblick und Kennzahlen über die Warengruppe

Gärling, Tommy - Handbook of Sustainable Travel, ebook

Handbook of Sustainable Travel

Gärling, Tommy


Benefits of Travel: Needs Versus Constraints in Uncertain Environments
Soora Rasouli, Harry J. P. Timmermans
4. Satisfaction and Travel Choices
Maya Abou-Zeid, Moshe Ben-Akiva
Part II. Car Use
5. The Unsustainability of Car Use
Bert Wee

Haeseler, Buck - My whole life was a vacation, ebook

My whole life was a vacation

Haeseler, Buck


In this combination of autobiography and travelogue, the author looks back on travels and experiences in more than 150 countries around the world. With his wife, Gloria, he led groups to such remote places as Antarctica, Easter Island, New Guinea, and Timbuktu. For the seasoned traveler

Dolles, Harald - Sport as a Business, ebook

Sport as a Business

Dolles, Harald


Table of contents
1. Sport as a Business: Introduction
Harald Dolles, Sten Söderman
1. Sport Consumers’ Perspective
2. ‘As American as Mom, Apple Pie and Dutch Soccer?’: The Team Identification of Foreign Ajax FC Supporters
Anthony K. Kerr, Narelle F. Smith, Alastair Anderson
3. Decision-making Styles

Casey, Mark - Men, Masculinities, Travel and Tourism, ebook

Men, Masculinities, Travel and Tourism

Casey, Mark


Heroes and Villains: Travel, Risk and Masculinity
Kristin Lozanski
4. ‘Just Blokes Doing Blokes’ Stuff’: Risk, Gender and the Collective Performance of Masculinity during the Eastern European Stag Tour Weekend
Thomas Thurnell-Read
5. Masculinity

Planet, Lonely - Lonely Planet's Best in Travel 2020, ebook

Lonely Planet's Best in Travel 2020

Planet, Lonely


As self-confessed travel geeks, we regularly ask ourselves: where are the best places in the world to visit right now? It’s a very hotly contested topic at Lonely Planet and generates more discussion than any other. Best in Travel