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Daswani, Girish - A Companion to Diaspora and Transnationalism, ebook

A Companion to Diaspora and Transnationalism

Daswani, Girish

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A Companion to Diaspora and Transnationalism offers a ground-breaking combined discussion of the concepts of diaspora and transnationalism. Newly commissioned essays by leading scholars provide interdisciplinary perspectives that link together the concepts

Dingwerth, Klaus - The New Transnationalism, ebook

The New Transnationalism

Dingwerth, Klaus


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Klaus Dingwerth
2. Disaggregating ‘Democratic Legitimacy’: A Framework
Klaus Dingwerth
3. The Democratic Legitimacy of Intergovernmental Rule-Making
Klaus Dingwerth
4. The World Commission…

Chaloyan, Astghik - Fluctuating Transnationalism, ebook

Fluctuating Transnationalism

Chaloyan, Astghik


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Astghik Chaloyan
2. Transnationalism and Diaspora. Analytical Frameworks
Astghik Chaloyan
3. Historical Background of Armenian Migration, and Formation of the Armenian Diaspora. Manifestations of the Strategic Nationalism
Astghik Chaloyan
4. Peculiarities of Armenian

Clark, Anna - Transnationalism, Nationalism and Australian History, ebook

Transnationalism, Nationalism and Australian History

Clark, Anna


Testing the Boundaries: Reflections on Transnationalism in Australian History
Alecia Simmonds, Anne Rees, Anna Clark
Part I. Crossing Borders: New Transnational Histories
2. A Tale of Two Rivers: The Cooks River and the Los Angeles River in Transnational

Diefendorf, Jeffry M. - Transnationalism and the German City, ebook

Transnationalism and the German City

Diefendorf, Jeffry M.


Introduction Transnationalism and the German City
Jeffry M. Diefendorf, Janet Ward
Part I. Contested Urban Publics
2. Enlightenment in the European City: Rethinking German Urbanism and the Public Sphere
Daniel Purdy
3. Posen or Poznań, Rathaus or

Concannon, Kevin - Imagined Transnationalism, ebook

Imagined Transnationalism

Concannon, Kevin


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Kevin Concannon, Francisco A. Lomelí, Marc Priewe
2. Chicano Transnation
Bill Ashcroft
3. A Schematic Approach to Understanding Latino Transnational Literary Texts
Nicolás Kanellos
4. Para…

Thiel, Markus - The Limits of Transnationalism, ebook

The Limits of Transnationalism

Thiel, Markus


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Markus Thiel
2. A Primer on (Trans)National Identities
Markus Thiel
3. The Impact of European Integration on the UK, Ireland, and Germany — A Historical-Institutionalist Overview
Markus Thiel

Tilse, Mark - Transnationalism in the Prussian East, ebook

Transnationalism in the Prussian East

Tilse, Mark


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Mark Tilse
Part I. Nationalism
2. The Logic of Nationalism in the Prussian East
Mark Tilse
3. The Nationalization of Culture
Mark Tilse
Part II. The Cultures of Transnationalism
4. The…