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Wolfe, Michael - Walled Towns and the Shaping of France, ebook

Walled Towns and the Shaping of France

Wolfe, Michael


Table of contents
Part I. The Walls Go Up (900–1325)
1. Urban Legacies and Medieval Trends up to 1100
Michael Wolfe
2. Lords and Towns (1100–1225)
Michael Wolfe
3. Capetian Expansion and New Urbanism, 1225–1325
Michael Wolfe
Part II. The Walls Move Outward (1325–1600)
4. Bonnes Villes

Diefendorf, Jeffry M. - Transnationalism and the German City, ebook

Transnationalism and the German City

Diefendorf, Jeffry M.


Enlightenment in the European City: Rethinking German Urbanism and the Public Sphere
Daniel Purdy
3. Posen or Poznań, Rathaus or Ratusz: Nationalizing the Cityscape in the German-Polish Borderland
Elizabeth A. Drummond
4. Inclusion and Segregation

Bukasa, Peter Kankonde - Routes and Rites to the City, ebook

Routes and Rites to the City

Bukasa, Peter Kankonde


A Man Spoke in Joubert Park: The Establishment of a Transnational Religious Movement in South Africa
Bjørn Inge Sjødin
10. Angels and Ancestors: Prophetic Diversity and Mobility in the City
Matthew Wilhelm-Solomon, Melekias Zulu, Eric Worby
11. (Un)Rest

Bakewell, Oliver - Forging African Communities, ebook

Forging African Communities

Bakewell, Oliver


The Moroccan Moment and Communities of Itinerants: Mobility and Belonging in the Transnational Trajectories of Sub-Saharan Migrants
Johara Berriane
5. Negotiating a Space of Belonging: A Case Study from the Zambia-Angolan Borderlands
Oliver Bakewell

Bigon, Liora - Place Names in Africa, ebook

Place Names in Africa

Bigon, Liora


Table of contents
1. Introduction: Place Names in Africa: Colonial Urban Legacies, Entangled Histories
Liora Bigon
2. Sarah’s Globe and the (Un-)naming of Mobile Space
Michel Ben Arrous
3. Bagamoyo: Inquiry into an East African Place Name
Walter T. Brown
4. ‘The Trees Are Yours’: Nature, Toponymy

Hopkins, D. J. - Performance and the Global City, ebook

Performance and the Global City

Hopkins, D. J.


The Urbanization and Transnational Circulation of the Peruvian Scissors Dance
Jason Bush
8. Commuting Performance → Working the Middle Ground
Simon Jones, Paul Rae
9. Cultures of Commuting: The Mobile Negotiation of Space and Subjectivity on Delhi’s

Cardoso, Ana Claudia Duarte - Emerging Urban Spaces, ebook

Emerging Urban Spaces

Cardoso, Ana Claudia Duarte


The Urban as a Concrete Utopia? Co-production and Local Governance in Distinct Urban Geographies: Transnational Learning from Chile and Germany
Paola Alfaro d’Alençon, Ernesto López Morales
5. Continuity and Change in Decentralist Urbanisation: Exploring

Murray, Martin J. - Cities in Contemporary Africa, ebook

Cities in Contemporary Africa

Murray, Martin J.


Economic Globalization from Below: Transnational Refugee Trade Networks in Nairobi
Elizabeth H. Campbell
7. Changing African Cityscapes: Regional Claims of African Labor at South African-Owned Shopping Malls
Darlene Miller
8. Cars Are Killing Luanda: