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Berger, Stefan - The Transnational Activist, ebook

The Transnational Activist

Berger, Stefan


The Transnational Activist: An Introduction
Stefan Berger, Sean Scalmer
2. Activism in the Antipodes: Transnational Quaker Humanitarianism and the Troubled Politics of Compassion in the Early Nineteenth Century

Adam, Thomas - Transnational Philanthropy, ebook

Transnational Philanthropy

Adam, Thomas


Introduction: Transnational Spaces in History
Thomas Adam
2. The Monds: A Transnational Family
Thomas Adam
3. Gifts to the Nations: Ludwig Mond’s Art Collections in London and Rome
Thomas Adam
4. Transnational Giving in the Age of National

Damousi, Joy - The Transnational Unconscious, ebook

The Transnational Unconscious

Damousi, Joy


The Transnational Diffusion of Psychoanalysis
6. The Travelling Psychoanalyst: Andrew Peto and Transnational Explorations of Psychoanalysis in Budapest, Sydney and New York
Joy Damousi
7. Psychoanalysis, Transnationalism

Kern-Stone, Rebecca - Transnational Media: Concepts and Cases, ebook

Transnational Media: Concepts and Cases

Kern-Stone, Rebecca


Rather than focusing on just complex theories and industry-specific analyses, this unique book offers an inclusive, comparative approach to both journalism and entertainment media—introducing readers to the essential concepts, systems, transnational influences, and

Deacon, Desley - Transnational Lives, ebook

Transnational Lives

Deacon, Desley


A Story with an Argument: Writing the Transnational Life of a Sea Captain’s Wife
Martha Hodes
3. Peripheral Visions: Heterography and Writing the Transnational Life of Sara Baartman
Pamela Scully
4. Writing the

Arielli, Nir - Transnational Soldiers, ebook

Transnational Soldiers

Arielli, Nir


Introduction: Transnational Military Service since the Eighteenth Century
Nir Arielli, Bruce Collins
Section I. Re-examining the Decline of Mercenary Armies, 1776–1815
2. Desperate for Soldiers: The Recruitment of German Prisoners of War during the American

Mann, Jatinder - Citizenship in Transnational Perspective, ebook

Citizenship in Transnational Perspective

Mann, Jatinder


Rethinking Citizenship Through Transnational Lenses: Canada, New Zealand, and Australia
Augie Fleras
3. Respatializing Social Citizenship and Security Among Dual Citizens in the Lebanese Diaspora
Daiva Stasiulis
Part II. Evolution and Trajectory of