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Avermaet, Piet Van - The Multilingual Edge of Education, ebook

The Multilingual Edge of Education

Avermaet, Piet Van


Multilingualism and Translanguaging as a Resource for Teaching and Learning in French Guiana
Sophie Alby, Isabelle Léglise
7. Migration and Plurilingualism in Southern European Homes and Schools
Stefania Scaglione, Sandro Caruana
8. Translanguaging:

Dovchin, Sender - Popular Culture, Voice and Linguistic Diversity, ebook

Popular Culture, Voice and Linguistic Diversity

Dovchin, Sender


Transglossia: From Translanguaging to Transglossia
Sender Dovchin, Alastair Pennycook, Shaila Sultana
3. Transglossia and Music: Music, Sound and Authenticity
Sender Dovchin, Alastair Pennycook, Shaila Sultana
4. Transglossia and Films: Sense of Affiliation

Blackledge, Adrian - Heteroglossia as Practice and Pedagogy, ebook

Heteroglossia as Practice and Pedagogy

Blackledge, Adrian


Hip-Hop Heteroglossia as Practice, Pleasure, and Public Pedagogy: Translanguaging in the lyrical poetics of “24 Herbs” in Hong Kong
Angel Lin
8. Learning a Supervernacular: Textspeak in a South African Township
Jan Blommaert, Fie Velghe
9. The Ambiguous

Harman, Ruth - Bilingual Learners and Social Equity, ebook

Bilingual Learners and Social Equity

Harman, Ruth


Table of contents
1. Transforming Normative Discourses of Schooling: Critical Systemic Functional Linguistics Praxis
Ruth Harman
Part I. Reflection Literacy and Critical Language Awareness
2. Linguistic Tools for Supporting Emergent Critical Language Awareness in the Elementary School
Mary Schleppegrell, Jason